Casey Neill – Dancing on the ruins of multinational corporations

So summer is on the doorstep for many. And what better to have some uplifting music to get those outdoor campfire parties going? This is a song that has many years on its neck being made back in the mid 90s if I’m not completely mistaken. It has a lyric–not to mention that catchy music–that makes me smile every time I hear it and puts me in a good mood.

Anyway. Enjoy.


We’re dancing on the ruins of multinational corporations
Dancing on the ruins of multinational corporations
Dancing on the ruins of multinational corporations
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Say ”goodbye” to plastic and ”goodbye” to cars
No more convenience stores; ”Hello” to stars!
No more Wall Street and no more Pentagon
Thinking about these things makes me happy.


Goodbye to polystyrene–we’ll put an end to the waste,
There is no time for debating; we have to make haste
If we’re going to survive without computer program minds
We’re going to have to can pop culture!
And say hello to campfires and stomping bare feet
and naked amoebas hungry to eat.
Hello to primal consciousness and love for the land,
now that coyotes are running the country


Sayonara to suburbia and well manicured lawns
Bye-Bye Barbie and Ken doll pawns
no more developers or slimeball execs
your condos are on fire


No more christian country–we’ll have pagan deities
and when we’ve destroyed technology, we all will be free
The pavement will be ripped up, and the skyscrapers cut down
yes! we are coming for your children


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Industrial Civilization – The Ultimate Micromanager

A very good and thoughtful post. ”The importance of what we do for a living is grinded into our thought process at a young age. It’s to get us to submit to the paradigm that nothing is more important than the economy.” I could not agree more with this. Anyway enjoy this post.

Moving Forward

I was talking to my Mom about my Dad retiring from the workplace in the near future.  My Mom thinks my Dad is ready to retire, but once he does he’s going to miss work because work gives him a sense a purpose and he’s always doing something so now he will have all this time on his hands when he retires.

This got me thinking.  First, this is a white privileged conversation because not everyone gets to retire, but second, the defining of us by job titles in the workplace in Industrial Civilization is one of biggest reasons why life on this planet is at death’s doorstep.

The importance of what we do for a living is grinded into our thought process at a young age.  It’s to get us to submit to the paradigm that nothing is more important than the economy.

I think if we asked each…

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Self-Serving Prophecy

”Death Is All I see When I look at the world we have built and Death is the majesty we all have to face” – Reverend Bizarre

I am living in the outskirts of a city so whenever I’m out walking or taking the bus into the city center or walking towards the city center I’m struck with how much death that is always around us industrial humans, and further, us city humans. We truly do live in a time by which murder is being waged upon the natural world at an alarming rate.  The city I live in has roughly a population just above the 100 000 mark so in contrast to ”mega” cities this is a small little place. This however don’t just center itself around one city or this particular city. The war waged upon the natural world is stunning. To be able to live like the way we–industrial humans and more to the point ”first world” industrial humans–do is by allowing members of our society to turn living communities into dead commodities.

All this is kind of ironic because at a psychological level there is this tremendous fear of death. We are supposed to always look young, stay young. Aging is not good. We shall aim to ”live long” whatever that even means. I thought living meant to enjoy your time in the moment. How can one possibly know how tomorrow looks? I don’t mean one can’t have plans but I mean there is absolutely nothing to foretell if you are going to live tomorrow or not. I think one should not focus so much on what one wants to do in 20 yrs but rather live today. It’s not about how much time one spends on Earth but what you make with the time you have here. Oh the Irony as our way of life murders life itself.

The Abrahamitic religions have, if you ask me, done their best to paint death as something horrible. You can turn up in hell if you are not an obedient servant to God/Allah (which today for many just spells money). An entity that seem to spend a lot of time pitting humans against one another in his name. A prankster god or an demon? For us in the west there is no denying that Christianity has formed much of what has led us onto the path that have spawned Industrial Civilization as we know it. The aim to have control over life itself because we have been taught such horrible things about death and in the end ‘we’ (as a collective) go full force into murdering life as we know it. An eerie thought is kind of haunting me when I think of this stuff of the self-serving and more to the point the self-fulfilling prophecy, the apocalypse, that is being mentioned more than once in the bible and other Abrahemitic based texts.

On the path to fulfill this prophecy we must make sure to erase ”wildness”. While there might be trees in cities a lot of times they are standing in perfect lines with a nice cut lawn in the area. We humans have to be disconnected from the Earth. It’s to me no wonder we often say ”animals and humans” for example. The disconnection starts there even though we are animals ourselves. Further those deemed to be animals are then seen as being dumb, lesser, no sense of self an so on and so forth. Everything has to be controlled and contained. I believe that what we call Abrahemitic religions for the most part came up in a way to control, contain and confine spirituality and a logic part–from such a perspective–of doing that is to make sure to eradicate anything that can remind us about what it means to be free, wild and free, free will… None can exist.

So while I get sad, deeply sad, when I read things such as 200 species goes extinct everyday or that about the 7,000 human languages that still exists today about half are no longer taught to children, I can see why it happens. Nothing can exist outside this self-fulfilling prophecy. The cross and the star and crescent to me symbolizes nothing short but our doom.

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Where dreams are murdered

”Man makes rivers turn black, Man makes war. Has man gone too far? Everywhere she looks she sees man” – Chellis Glendinning

I know this blog might have been all over the place in the last year or so and maybe I should try and write more than I do. I have ideas but I never really get to wrap my head around how to approach them in a way that satisfies me. I think this is one of the issues with living with adhd and autistic tendencies. Not always is the hyperactivity bodily but can be a mish mash of thoughts and you have a hard time grasping onto one and make something out of it. It’s very frustrating.

There are things that worries me, deeply, worries me. A lot of what I tried to give some thoughts too (while not always been that good in articulating perhaps) is still haunting me and I can’t give it any rest. The constant move of the hivemind of members of the dominant culture away from the real world and getting more and more lost in the abstract is scary. In an age where I for the past two years or so can’t lay to rest the increasing of strong winds in the areas where I live. Storms are so much more frequent now than ever before. The seasons are starting to get pushed forwards into the year, and, maybe you think that it don’t have to be a problem. Well, it is since the sun hours are not shifting. They remain the same. Meaning plants and so on gets tougher and tougher to adapt since around here summer time are very short in terms of sun hours, if it gets too cold and/or too warm more loosely connected to the sun cycle plants and bushes and trees will have a harder time bearing fruit and growing as they have adapted to the sun cycle and in extension what feeds us will get a tougher time to reproduce so we can eat. One could brush this of as just temporary shifts if it were not for the fact that climate connected events are happening all over the planet. This is what happens here where I live. In other parts of the planet there is droughts, storms, heavy rainfalls that ruin crops, cold temperatures that kills and so on and so forth. This stuff genuinely concerns me. Yet few seems to even notice it in their rush to work, to the gym, to the shopping mall. I wonder if the average industrial human even bother to gaze at the starsky any more and marvel of the sheer beauty that happens at night above their heads.

Have you by the way thought about every time you let your fingers gently move over a leaf or two or three on a branch on a tree, not only do you feel the tree but the tree feels you? Do you think that if you hug a tree that the tree hugs you back? I’m sure, unless the tree have a bad day, it do hug one back. Trees are awesome. I have thought about what if one was born a tree what could be one of the worst things one could experience? I have no doubt the sound of chainsaws is scary to trees. The sound of chainsaws scares me too. Today it usually signals the destruction of yet another green area. That’s going to be turned into a concrete space or made into a monocultural lawn. Sometime it’s also of course another clear cut. The destruction of forests goes quite fast these days in this part of the world. But no one thinks about that because the abstract is more interesting. The real world, upon which we all own our lives and are dependent on for our very survival, is far down the list of peoples attention span these days. ”Forests precedes us and deserts dogs our heels” as Philosopher Derrick Jensen puts it. Brilliant wording. I agree with that.

As I’m writing these words the oldest cat I live with, I share living space with two cats, are laying very comfortable on a chair here next to me. So peaceful. On her back. I wonder what she is dreaming about. If you are a cat owner have you ever noticed, or thought about, that if you sleep next to a cat you more often meet them in your dreams than if they don’t sleep next to you? I don’t even know if its just my imagination or not but it seems to happen to me. It’s cool. I remember reading a line from an Aztec poem once in some book that I sadly can’t remember which one it was, but I remember the line it read ”That we come to this earth to live is untrue: We come but to sleep, to dream”. I’m not sure I even understands it but it got stuck in my head for some reason.

I think we live in a society where dreams dies. We live in a culture and a society now in which dreams are murdered. What matters are production, progress. To turn living communities into commodities and without living communities no dreams. What’s that you say? You feel unwell. That’s no problem. You are but a resource and can easily be replaced.

There was another storm going on today. It felt like a storm one expects in autumn. It was extremely windy. In other parts of Sweden some men of religious faith think it’s cool to tell women to sit at the back of the bus, so they are separated from us men. Of course in a progressive society this is all good as long as it happens under religious freedom according to some people. I guess its easy to say we should not bother when one is not the one being targeted. I noticed this is just how people often responds to most situations of bullying, intimidation and so on. If one is not the one being targeted just let it slide. As long it don’t interrupt production it’s all good. But there is a *big* exception when all of us should care and it have to do with land theft and laying hands upon resources. Then those to whom it will benefit the most–those in power–will use every trick in the book to sell propaganda to the rest of society to stir up hatred and in ‘we’ go to disrupt this or that nation in the name of democracy. Funny how it works. When ‘we’ got what we want it is time to move on. I guess the overall message to take away from this is that never interfere in things you don’t benefit from.

It is quite funny how I when I began this journey of trying to reconnect to earth and life itself that I often felt like such strong emotions of like ‘waking up’. These days I just ask myself how could I have been so blind to not seen what was going on before my eyes all this time? My answer to myself is always the same I was as preoccupied as most others by the abstract. I was living my life among punks and metal heads in the music subcultures feeling all special and ”against the mainstream society” yet, looking back at it, I acted like most members of this culture. I was caught up in the abstract.

I’ve been thinking a bit about truly being ”against the norm, against society” and I think I finally got an answer. Be nice. Give a shit. Speak up against bullying. Speak up against the horrible treatment of nonhuman animals. Fall in love with the land. Learn about your nonhuman neighbours and so on and so forth. I can say that in today’s society you don’t get much more ”against the norm” than that. Try to do whatever is in your reach and what you feel comfortable in doing to protect the ability to have dreams to enjoy dreams and to be able to share dreams.

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Intersections: Climate Change, Environmental Degradation, and the Proliferation of Prostitution

This is an most excellent and thoughtful post


Prostitution was a huge breaking factor between myself and liberal feminism. As I have written several times on my site, it is quite frustrating that liberal feminist sites are so blindly ”pro sex-work,” and not just because it means supporting an institution that is inherently violent and exploitative towards women. By flinging accusations of ”whorephobia” at anyone who believes prostitutes are exploited and that prostitution should be abolished, liberal feminists have effectively shut down important intersectional conversations regarding climate change, environmental degradation, and the proliferation of prostitution – all as a result of intense globalization.

In ”An Analysis of Global Sex Trafficking,” Cheryl O’Brien states that ”Connected to neo-liberal policies, globalization has displaced people in favor of cash crop agriculture, increasing the landless and leading to increased labor migration and urbanization, which separates families. Globalization contributed to urbanization, causing people to leave rural homes in search of work in factories…

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Gender, sex roles and theology…whaaat?

”The illumination is a false betrayal. You fall deep into the mind that will destroy you”

– The Chill Within by Desultory

”trans women are women” is a mantra that I see pop up every now and then on the internet.
I don’t know about you but for me this sentence does not really make much sense.
Well, in a way I guess it can make sense. If one perceive the word woman as nothing but a referral to a socialisation–what is nowadays called Gender and previously called sex roles–I guess anyone can be a woman who fits that socialisation aspect some people perceive should be attached to the word.
However, its not that simple is it?
No, it is not at least not for those of us born outside US/Globalist culture.
The word woman (or the word man for that matter) is not just a mere word describing a human beings socialisation (or as I’ve also seen a mere feeling) but is in reference to biological sex.
In the English language one can also find words to describe categories of female and male among other creatures beside us humans.
Hen and rooster or Cow and Bull to mention two common examples.
None of the words are used to describe cows and bulls socialisations but is merely words to refer to ones biological sex ie reproductive capabilities.
So in other words nothing is said in how one is suspected to dress, talk or walk and so on.

On a side note it’s kind of interesting how we have created the words woman and man when we talk about the animal state of female and male amongst ourselves. It’s clear we live in a culture that, as tainted as it it due to the Christian Church doctrine, want to make sure to keep us separate from nature and what we actually are, animals, down to language. Besides ourselves this is also applied to other domesticated nonhuman animals. We need to separate them from the natural world, the wild, as well. Nothing shall remind us that we in fact should be loyal to the landbase not to the abstracts such as God/Allah or Capitalism or US or EU. Whatever hierarchy of power within the framework of the dominant culture you want to pick. This patriarchy.

Anyway carrying on. If the sentence ”trans women are women” is in fact true than what is also true must be that women are trans women, right?
I mean it can’t possibly be that its just a one way street, that would make zero sense yet often the claims is that trans women are women and the word woman becomes defined according to trans ideology. So it is in fact a one way street. Convenient for these gender/sex roles worshipping people in society. So whenever women (human females) as a very much real sex class biologically different from us men (human males), want to talk about issues that we men simply don’t share, trans activists often claim they can’t talk about this or that due to being transphobic.
Or the understanding that on the basis of sex women and girls are oppressed, not by individual identities. This is a basic understanding of feminist discourse.
An understanding that I have to say have a lot of grounding in the real world we all live in. And again trans activists argues that women can’t talk about this because to let this slide would acknowledge biological sex, something that trans ideology–more like theology–seem to want to transgress by denying it’s existence. One must be pure in spirit by renouncing the flesh as the good members of the dominant culture have been practising for thousands of years. This looks just as a modern version of the same old madness.
One would think that for women to have the ability to talk about them being oppressed on the basis of sex is very important. For example in China the previous one child policy they had in place made it so that parents choose more often than not to abort female fetuses ie future girls because they wanted boys instead. This among others things belongs to a planetary lived reality that women are ought to be able to discus. It is important for all of us to see and understand what is going on here.
Or under certain religious forms something called FGM is practised, female genital mutilation, something that clearly does not happen to someone born with
a penis despite his wishes to be ‘seen’ as a female.
Here someone can of course argue back that genital mutilation happens to us males too. yes that is true the removal of the foreskin.
The practice is however not tainted with as much cruel ”morals” as FGM in which they sew up the vagina so that the female shall stay a ”virgin” until a man comes along and makes her a woman (a not virgin) with the removal of the foreskin it is basically a ritual practice to make a boy into a ”real man” in the end. I despise genital mutilations of any kind. I despise it when it happens under the transgender umbrella too. Fully healthy bodily organs are mutilated to cater to clearly psychological issues or right out fetish driven thoughts.
Further one can also go into great length about the sex industry in which women are routinely degraded, objectified, packaged and sold to mostly hetero men’s selfish sexual kicks.
The Sex Industry, to me at least, clearly shows what Swedish writer and activist Kajsa Ekis Ekman has coined ”the inequality of desire”.
It is something that clearly is being in place here between the sexes, women exist to pleasure us men. We men exist to be pleasured by women. This is all rooted
on the basis of sex and not because of someone’s perceived identity. Women ought to
have a language to be able to discuss this and all of society should have the ability to discuss this without having to hear its transphobic or any other convenient ticker to shut down conversation to cater to someone’s ”perceived self identity”.
Not to go to long into this but as I see it there are clearly situations in which trans women as a class of people are not sharing the lived realities as women as a class ie actual human females.
In fact trans women on the basis of reproductive capabilities share the same space as those of us who call ourselves men ie human males.
trans women and men are both human males and one can wonder when it comes to actual socialisation that goes on in this society how much of that ”male pattern”
is maintained among those who live as trans women?

There is just too much that is not making sense in saying that woman is whatever I ”feel” it is. It is a biological reality. Being female or male is not feelings. It just is. Its as easy as water is wet. The sky is blue and hens are hens and roosters are roosters. If one don’t agree with this then they should rather come up with their own language and terms. Words don’t just mean whatever you want them to mean. So I rather argue that trans women are trans women, women are women, trans men are trans men and men are men.
Why is that even a problem? What is so dangerous to claim something of your own rather than want to occupy and colonise the language of others? That sounds more like some kind of fetish than anything else. Oh, I see. It about colonisation of language. After all. No one should be allowed to discuss anything inside the real world, where all of us actually exists whether we like it or not. Awful, awful direction we as a human society is heading. Truly awful.

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A journey to find out life wants to live

Remembering the days of joy, not so long ago
Those memories just increase grief as I watch the withering of beauty
– The hour Of Death, Reverend Bizarre

For you who has followed this blog from early days (that would be maybe one or two including myself) knows that it all started out as a journey for myself. This journey is far from over but a huge part of the reason for my entries has been to try and grasp and put into words what I learn on my way of rediscovering my place as a human being on this planet and of my place in this human created power hierarchy we call civilisation.

Over the years now I’ve managed to read quite a few books on various topics. From the problems (and the understanding) with agriculture to the problems (and understanding) of civilization, to problems (and the understanding) of patriarchy. All in all I would say it all comes together and fits the same dynamic of civilization and what civilization is and stands for; a hierarchy of power and a central ‘force’ is male violence which is used to sustain itself. I, for many years never felt satisfied with my place and, well, even though my understanding as to why that was (and is) has become better I feel more alienated than ever while at the same time also feeling like I am coming home. Home to the side of the living.

There is no doubt to me that the dominant culture, the root of what has created industrial civilization, is insane and most of its members also. I look back at me as insane. I am probably also valued as insane by a whole lot of people out there for arguing the way I do in regards of these topics and thoughts. Nevertheless, there are however voices out there who are arguing that they believe civilization has to be dismantled. And I for one believe they are correct. That sounds a bit tough don’t you think? And does it mean what one might think it means? Well, I don’t know about you but I find these words of American philosopher Derrick Jensen–a man that I have found myself quote every now and then on this blog–sums it up really well ”…to deprive the ability for the rich to steal from the poor and to deprive the powerful from their ability to destroy the world”. I agree with that wholeheartedly.

When you take a stand with the living over our ”human right” (Civilized humans I might add. Indigenous humans has always been seen as not fully human and are usually a ‘mild’ inconvenience that stands in the way of ‘our’ resources) to drive/ride cars, to fly/ride planes, to build golf courses, to vacuum the oceans, to build nuclear power plants, to build atomic weapons, to force atoms to jump through hoops on command, to create plastics, to turn the living into dead commodities. Basically to take a stand against the ‘right’ to violate others and to take resources to sustain a way of human living that never can be sustainable since its fundamental basis is violation, you are met with plenty of mean looks and nasty comments and right out contempt and hatred. It’s my understanding that the dominant culture and most of its members are anti-life–not necessarily consciously–looking at the collective mind of us civilized and what that group thinking creates around us. It really do become the best term I can think of to sum it up.

This culture–the dominant culture in which I and the overwhelming majority of human beings in the ‘developed’ world are born into–will not stop until it has consumed as much as it can, and it won’t take no for an answer when people say this needs to stop. It has to put it mildly gone off the rails.

Television makes us sick–for a book that takes a deep dive into this and that forever has changed the way I look at technology, read 1978s Four Arguments For the Elimination Of Television by Jerry Mander–and the internet makes us sick. These technologies themselves stems from an already in place mental sickness, I believe, which the hopi people called the wétiko. A book that takes a deeper look at this, is Columbus and Other Cannibals By Jack D. Forbes for those who are unfamiliar with the concept, I never heard of it until I stumbled upon this book. The global economy makes us not only sick, it also murders people on a daily basis. So called ”debt repayment” from ‘developing nations’ to ‘developed nations’ is on its own killing people daily. Other ways of how the wétiko manifests itself can be found in the despicable sex industry. In Kajsa ‘Ekis’ Ekmans brilliant book Being and Being Bought: Prostitution, Surrogacy and the Split Self we get a powerful and brilliant analysis of the horror and madness of (mostly) us men’s purchase of sexual ‘services’ and the inequality this rests upon between the sexes or the ”buyer class” and the ”sex worker class” if you will. But that is not something we shall talk about. You see, someone who actually take a stand to disrupt for example mining or sexual exploitation (or take your best pick of exploitation) has to be to silenced. Don’t disrupt the superior belief that everything around us, including ourselves, exist in so far it can be violated.

We are told we have the right to voice our opinions–sometimes not even that depending on what you say and where you live and it even breaks down to which sex you are born with as I see it–you are however not allowed to try an make a real change! Move along people! There are skies, oceans, soil and living beings (human beings incl.) that must be exploited! You don’t like it ? Well,  go watch some TV or better yet hang out on the internet in one of they many, many ”social” places that resides here. Whatever you do don’t ever recognize what happens in the real physical world were all of us actually live and don’t you dare falling in love with the world, with life. It might be so that you might actually start fighting back and that you are not allowed to do! Horror and shame on you if you dare take a stand for women, for children, for (sane) safe spaces, for living oceans, for clean water, for clean soil, for the dismantle of destructive institutions for our own species.

On a side note I have to mention that if feminist theory has taught me something–or rather helped me understand it more deeply and how it manifests in industrial society–it is the share ruthlessness of male violence that exists everywhere. It’s kind of ironic the numerous times I’ve been a victim of it myself (there is a post somewhere on this subject on its own) yet not seen it because it is so normalized in this culture that it renders invisible before our very eyes, yet, the effects are felt and seen daily. From economic to religious to personal. The wétiko among us human males is today global. Add to this that we are entering the trashing endgame of industrial civilization. It will come down either by itself or if someone manage to bring it down and it won’t be nice to have plenty of us men spoon fed this dominant aspect of life, an aspect most of us men (and women too sadly even if women to a greater degree are the receivers of it) take for granted as a natural state of behaving. ”You exist only in so far I can violate you” is the mantra of this culture, a culture manifesting itself as a lifestyle of making communities into dead commodities. All made possible by widespread male violence for the most part.

My understanding of the world I live in, my own place and what I can do, is a journey that most likely will continue for a long time–read for as long as I live. The struggle to maintain a kind of sanity in an ever collapsing civilization and in an ever increasing insane culture that has its members going completely off the rails will be a challenge. Thankfully there are some seriously good people out there whom also was born within the framework of the dominant culture and on a similar path. So one is not alone.

This machine beast was put together by (male) humans and it can be dismantled by humans, well, all of the living can do it and in fact plenty of species are daily doing their fair share to dismantle civilization. Give grass room to breath and to live and they can break apart asphalt. Give fungus room to live and they can break down concrete.

Life wants to live, I have learned that.


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