Users of pornography should rightly be ashamed.

The Prime Directive

Should users of pornography be ashamed? Pornography is the visual representation of the objectification of women and of violence against women. People who get orgasms from pornography are getting orgasms from the exploitation of other human beings. Anyone should be ashamed of reaping the benefits of someone else’s exploitation. Should Westerners be ashamed they’re getting cheap clothes and electronics from actual slave labor? Yes, of course. I would say you are a very dull and insensitive, or a very hateful, person if you didn’t feel some guilt about it.

To a lot of people who believe themselves to be ”modern,” guilt and shame are considered passé, impediments that need to be eliminated. They associate any positive attitude towards guilt or shame as a religious thing, a pre-modern thing, an irrational attitude. So when feminists say that users of pornography should be ashamed, and that the ideal world is a world…

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Woman and Nature: The roaring inside her


Just want to share a beautifully powerful prologue in the book Woman and Nature: The Roaring Inside Her by Susan Griffin. These sentences below speaks volumes at what is actually a deeply fundamental flaw with the culture that is civilisation. A fundamentally deep flaw with us males brought up in this culture. The dominating culture among us humans on the planet today.

”He says that woman speaks with nature. That she hears voices from under the earth. That wind blows in her ears and trees whisper to her.
That the dead sing through her mouth and the cries of infants are clear to her. But for him this dialogue is over. He says he is not part of this world, that he was set on this world as a stranger. He sets himself apart from woman and nature.
And so it is Goldilocks who goes to the home of the three beers, Little Red Riding Hood who converses with the wolf, Dorothy who be-friends a lion, Snow White who talks to the birds, Cinderella with mice as her allies, the Mermaid who is half fish, Thumbellina courted by a mole. (And when we hear the Navaho chant of the mountain that a grown man sits and smokes with bears and follows directions given to him by squirrels, we are surprised. We had thought only little girls spoke with animals.)

We are the bird’s eggs. Bird’s eggs, flowers, butterflies, rabbits, cows, sheep; we are caterpillars; we are leaves of ivy and sprigs of wallflower.
We are women. We rise from the wave. We are gazelle and doe, elephant and whale, lilies and roses and peach, we are air, we are flame, we are oyster and pearl, we are girls. We are woman and nature. And he says he cannot hear us speak.
But we hear.

First thing I thought of after I read that was a quote from American Environmentalist Writer and Philosopher Derrick Jensen ”The culture as a whole and most of its members are insane. The culture is driven by a death urge, an urge to destroy life.”

They fit nightmarishly well to me.

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Looking For Intelligent Life…

I really find it stunning that so many who look in space for ”intelligent life” (and getting paid to do so) has conflated what they perceive as intelligence with polluting ones habitat.

An amazing conflation.

One can also wonder if they are up for the task to look for ”intelligent life” in space when we live on a planet that is filled with intelligent life they don’t even notice. I right out question what they think is intelligence in the first place. Usually what we refer to as a sign of intelligence is ones ability, either on an individual basis or as a collective, to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations. This is something most life on this planet obviously can do. Just look at the very obvious example of how species after species–whether we talk about other animals (besides ourselves) or plants–ability to adapt to climate change or the stunning ability nonhumans have to adapt and survive even after the civilised human society levels their habitats and communities to further what we have taught is ”progress” for our ”intelligent” lifestyle. And yes I’m well aware that species goes extinct in an alarming rate at this point in time. But not due to their lack of intelligence but the mere fact that there is just so much one can do to the ongoing onslaught from industrial civilisation when the whole hivemind of this human society is hell bent on ”progress” over the cliff and beyond into chaos.

With that said, yes, I find it absolutely stunning that intelligence by members of the dominant culture is now being conflated with pollution. I think it’s fair to argue these people are not really looking for intelligence, they could just look out the window from their desk then and see it all over the place, but rather are looking for lifestyles that resemble the civilised human lifestyle and to me that is not a sign of intelligence but stupidity. We are clearly on a slippery slope of absolutely zero intelligence, since there is zero ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations in this society besides a few voices here and there. Climate change. Resource depletion. Expanding conflicts of male aggression due to these very evident things taking place. Zero adaptation. One would think the elected leaders by the flock would start to see ”hmm maybe this infinite growth is not such a good thing on a finite planet?” but nope… zero of that is happening.

So they are looking for this


Yeah, this is truly a sign of intelligence or maybe not.

I think its fair to say that people who look for intelligence in space is really looking for stupidity in space and hence they always come up short because the overwhelming majority of species on this planet are not in fact destroying their habitats. So until someone proves me otherwise I will continue to assume that life out there, in what we call space, is not so fancy on acting in the these destructive ways either.

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Internet and mental sickness

In a time when Climate Change is coming to our doorsteps more abruptly than anyone seems to have anticipated. In a time when the cult of the self is exploding among us, especially among the youth. In a time where corporations now wield more power than many governments (and remember the core value of a government is to be a servant of the people. When the government is turned against the people its function has ceased). In a time when the ruling class is more or less made up of people you can’t even mention, because you have no clue who they are any more, having become so distant from the rest of us, from day to day people. In a time where species are losing out in rapid speed. In a time when human languages are erased almost as fast, if not as fast,  as species are becoming extinct. Many sad, sad, sad events coming together in one symphony of fear, sadness & despair. In all of these situations there is even on more layer to add: the problem, as I see it at least, has to do with Internet and mental health, or, should I say, the growth of mental unhealth through Internet cultism.

I’ve noticed over the last two years or so how Internet truly fosters personalities that wholeheartedly evolve around being sick. Mentally sick. As someone who has struggled for years with mental sickness, I find it extremely worrying that what is happening on the Internet is this feeding of personalities evolving around mental sickness. It starts to define who they are. People that might have borderline personality disorder or have depression or have dysphoria (which includes a variety of emotional states of course) post images of themselves looking like they are dying or dead and usually complement them with text, such as, ”having a tough day today” or ”I just want to be me…” or something like that. People then comment things like, ”you are so strong”, ”power hug” and so on. They are creating personalities out of being sick. I think this is very saddening (and worrying). Who they are gets rooted in being not well making it very difficult to ever change or become more at peace with life. Another thing that I believe happens is that feeling ”normal” (and I know we live in a society where we are constantly being told to challenge the ‘norm’ but I use it to describe a state of being yourself that at least is not necessarily centred in severe anxiety attacks or depression 24/7) will feel weird and awkward when who they are is rooted in these conditions and people constantly validating that condition through the Internet.

What then happens if the person does come to terms that this can’t go on? They need to start working with their inner problems. Thought processes need to be replaced. Maybe relations to certain people in life that are simply not good for them need to be cut, and so on. They can feel lost. To not have that mental sickness going on can then itself cause stress or anxiety, due to not feeling comfortable, because who they were was so revolved around not feeling well, and we humans tend do one thing when we get uncomfortable in a situation – we go back to what we know and feel used to.
I would actually argue this phenomenon has a lot in common with drug addiction. When you get out of it and you are sober (or in this case not feeling all these harsh emotions all the time) one gets lost. There is a hole to fill that used to be that old stuff. And many people can’t deal with it and go back to what they knew. Heck there are even political movements more or less created out of mental sickness today. In which the rest of the world have to walk around on eggshells to not upset them or make them feel threatened and so on. This is not fruitful in any shape or form. And yes, I said it but I truly don’t believe it is fruitful at all. I think it is a very worrying development, especially among younger generations, where I think this is more common than among us who are older.

So, as if the planet getting murdered is not enough, there is also a growing community of humans in the civilised world who are further away from the real world than humans have ever been. Lost in a sea of emotions eating them up. Creating personalities created out of mental sickness and feeding this online. To cement who they are is rooted in darkness rather than positivity. And I’m not saying that one has to go around and be happy all the time. Absolutely not. But who you are should not have to be rooted in anxiety, stress, depression as the ”normal state” to be.

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The United STATE of America.

lesbian feminist Magdalen Berns delivers a video on the state of US of A that is very thoughtful. Again many of you might wonder what does this kind of stuff have to do with environmentalism? And again I will say that as long the entire industrial society, across the planet, is steeped in this endless growth economy that is killing the planet, US is the most aggressive that most of us are affected by. Their version is tremendously dangerous and backwards. Globalism that more honestly should be called Americanism is a threat to the land, to cultures, to healthy societies everywhere. Just as she says in the video people should protest the US. We need to get politics back to the nations we actually live in. Break it down into smaller pieces. The bigger these decision making schemes becomes, laid out by those in power, the harder it is to get anyone to care even the slightest for this or that piece of land. And while I am, as you might know who followed this blog for a while, pretty much anticiv I also do care. If there is even a slightest chance of a soft landing during the collapse of industrial civilisation I of course would love to see that happen instead.

Anyway rather than seeing me sit here and write. Here is Magdalen.

and if you don’t see the video here is a link

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If you defend porn then you better understand what it is you are defending

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Some thoughts on USA’s role in the world

Ok, so this will be a controversial post for many I’m sure. But I want to give a few sentences as to why I’m not really in favour of being all up in arms with USA being a western citizen myself. I get a lot of flack for raising my voice against Washington and Pentagon usually with arguments such as ”So you are a Putin lover?” or ”What about all the bad things Russia do” or ”you are just working for the Russian propaganda machine!” or here in Sweden you can simply just be seen as a traitor to the established order. First off, I’m neither of these things. No, I don’t love Putin I never met him and he don’t seem to be my type at all. Usually I’m not feeling any lust or attraction towards any human being who have a drive for power and domination so that leaves us to the next thing; what about all the bad things Russia do? yes what about them? Am I not just using USA criticism as a bad excuse, heck ,maybe I’m even one of those dirty phobic people, you know Americanphobic!  First off I feel western media is doing a great deal of uncovering Russias dirty behaviours in war. I don’t see why I need to add anything to that. They even make things up as they go along in their accusations towards Russia, but with that said, yes they do cover the horrible things Russia is doing and it needs to stop of course however I don’t think having USA playing the self identified leader and missionary of western cultural gospel, who seem to believe that one can bomb their way to peace, is any better though. Hence why I do raise criticism against USA and bear in mind I don’t talk about every single American person now, the average American have zero power over what is being done in their nations name. The last thing to address is if I’m not just working for Russia to spread Russian propaganda and by doing so just simply being a traitor to the Swedish established order and western high ground morals and values. No, I’m not really doing that. I voice my opinions. Sorry. My thoughts on USA and more broadly the western world is actually free of charge.

Here in Sweden, where it starts to look like we are turning into American society as it was in the 30s with the red scare, I often hear that we need to be very afraid of Russia. They are a threat to anything we hold sacred and value. Which is weird. Fact of the matter is we don’t have Russian economy, we trade by American dollar, we don’t really have Russian corporations we have American corporations taking over more and more. We don’t have Russian culture influencing anything, we are being washed over with American culture, more specifically that horrible consumer culture that resides over there. And that weird nationalism too. So they don’t seem to be that much of a threat of our values and customs. Then people usually go ”oh but we mean the threats of war and invasions” well, in that case yes they are acting a bit hostile but I find there is a good reason for it. Let’s see if I can explain. One reason (a pretty big one) why Russia is actually being quite annoyed with this part of the world today is the fact the leaders of Sweden and Finland are cutting deals with NATO. NATO troops shall be allowed to train for war here, this means foreign military personal can be stationed on Swedish soil and I don’t care that its ‘okey-ed’ by those in power. They don’t speak for 9.5 million people on this issue. They speak only on behalf of themselves. What else is happening is that Washington and Pentagon have expanded NATO more and more towards the east and Russian borders for quite a long time. I don’t know about you but I would feel pretty much intimidated myself if a group of people suddenly began standing just outside my lawn with weapons in hand. They might not cross into my lawn just yet but they are turned against my home, standing there watching me. Threatening me with their very up close presence. I would react. It’s not rocket science to figure out why Russia are reacting. It’s not them who are the initial threat around here if you ask me. The threat lays in the intimidating tactics being waged by Washington and Pentagon.

While I believe there are many nice things with USA, their foreign policies is not among them. I think the world should tell US to step the eff down. USA is just as good as Russia in disrupting other nations, I would say even more efficient because USA has been more or less in conflict every single day since WW2. Russia have not. Many nations, among them we find Libya, are today what they call failed states due to questionable military invasions by USA. London released their own study made on the invasion of Libya by US earlier this year (yep it took a few years for them to bring this study to the public but its out in the open now) and has found that they (USA) acted on very faulty information that simply didn’t hold up, just as what happened with the last invasion of Iraq. Today Libya is a failed state with the local population living in rather horrible social conditions with armed militias (among them ISIS to name one) fighting for power. I guess ”freedom and democracy” for Washington means non-american people shall have the right to live in violent chaos. Another thing I really find disturbing is this love for violence and brutality. When they murdered Saddam Hussein this was aired on television. This brutality, this humiliation of another human being was stunning to me. And the joyfulness among many American leaders at that time were disgusting. They truly enjoyed the show. Next up was Gadaffi of Libya who got similar treatment. Murdered on television and humiliated. I can’t support this. Never. Its disgusting. ”ohh but they were bad people” yeah? I don’t want to torture and humiliate anyone even if I think they are bad. What is this notion that because when/if we find someone to be bad, we need to torture and humiliate and act all psycho all of a sudden? Does that not just make us behave exactly like those we accuse of doing all these bad things?

I wish USA could obey the same rule that applies to most other nations on this planet. We simply don’t invade one another. US could easily with their position they have in the world use that for once to try and push conflicts into actual solutions WITHOUT invasions and bombings and causing bloodshed and terror themselves. This whole notion that a solution to expanding wars are more wars, that seems to be big part of US foreign policies, is insane. It will create them (and in extension the entire western world) more enemies and failed states that will be roots of growth of contempt and hatred for the western world, as if we need more of that? nope. Also this disgusting ”we air our wars on primetime television” like its a darn videogame or movie speaks for itself. The love American culture has for (male) violence is stunning. No, I don’t like that. I will never like that and I will never side with it. And as closing comments with the rise of heat between US and Russia these days I want to say; US and Russia should both step down. the end.

** Note: After this post was done, it has now come to my attention that the deal so far with NATO was not primary about allowing them to ‘play’ war here, even though that is theoretically possible + that Sweden have agreed to allow NATO warplanes to fly over Swedish territory for a few months each year (to begin with). The deal the ones in power have made so far with NATO is for Sweden to be some kind of commando centre, helping NATO with that. Yeah, that sounds so much better… not. Comforting. Not leaning towards a questionable military organisation at all.


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