What is there to write about one self ? I carry many thoughts but to write (or talk) about one self is something I always been rather terrible at. I’m 30+ of age, actually way closer to 40 than 30 now, and Im on a path of understanding the reconnection to earth and all life on the planet.

I’m living a civilized life–which I have been living for every single second of my life–but I’m feeling more and more emotionally and mentally drawn away from all this towards uniting myself to the planet, which is the source to all life. I view myself as a radical thinker after many years viewing the world around me & myself from a very liberal mindset but the more I’ve been reading about radicalism or radical ideas–which gave me a deeper understanding for what radical truly means–the more I understood I am not really a liberal person. The real world do not function as you are taught to experience from the perception of the liberal view.

For so long I ran around, well walked most honestly, living a life in which I as so many others silenced the world around me. I never felt part of the ”mainstream” (most of the time was spent in subcultures with the belief that I, and those I had as friends, was much cooler than the mainstream) but I still treated the world around me in the way the culture we are born into (who all civilized are born into and this is especially true for everyone born in the ”developed nations” of civilization) had taught me. This journey away from this, a kind of ”reawakening” if you will, towards the real, physical world have been (and still is) both interesting and radical. Far from trouble free since I also is living with psychological illnesses such as depression, anxiety and some other things. I even got the ADHD diagnose but I do question that. I’m not that hyperactive in the sense they think, I’m just really damn tired of being a slave to a culture that exploits everyone around me, humans and nonhumans, as well as myself. Every single cell, every living organism within me screams to get free, get back to the animal self.

This blog came to be as a way to try and make some sense and share experiences, thoughts an so on. Not everyting here is my own words. I borrow stuff I find of value from all over the place but when I do use the writings of others I of course make sure to tell that. I won’t try and steal other peoples writing and claim it as my own. If there is a whole piece I borrow, I also will check in with the original writer to know its okey to do so.

Okey, this might have been a longer ”about” than I expected. Maybe you find someting of value on this blog. Maybe you will think Im just a nutcase. No matter what, I will continue my journey and I hope you might find something of value on this blog.

kind regards,


2 kommentarer till About

  1. Jules Kirk skriver:

    I’m with Deep Green Resistance in Oregon, USA and was wondering if you are a DGR member or former member? I notice you’ve posted some of the same articles that we have. Please contact me if interested in linking/helping with our blog.
    Thank you

    • Sundazed skriver:


      No I am not a member of DGR nor have I been. Yes I have posted a few articles and helped out to spread some of the written things you have. If there are things written that I find fitting (whatever that might be, Im all over the place I feel haha) for this blog I could probably help out by linking or re-bloging at times and so on.


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