Dear white people

Civilization originates in conquest abroad and repression at home – Stanley Diamond


Dear White People,
You are Tribal and Indigenous already (just like me). The historical facts are that all of the ”white people” of Europe used to be indigenous tribes before a very few in power decided to colonize Europe FIRST, before ever spreading to other continents like ”turtle island” (north america). They killed off large numbers of your own ancestors and destroyed all traces of most of your old traditional tribal ways. After over 2000 years this has left a large spiritual void inside most European peoples who have moved all over the world. Sometimes they try to fill that void with other indigenous peoples cultural traditions. Europeans and European-Americans shouldn’t feel ”White Guilt” it’s not natural, if you’re feeling that it’s actually a misunderstanding of who YOU ARE. Once you realize you’re tribal and indigenous from some ancient cultures in Europe that were wiped out by the few in power to control your people for generations I believe you should FEEL OFFENDED… offended that they’re still trying to destroy the last pockets of indigenous tribes around the world. Stop the colonizing consumerist system from destroying the last of us in order to help heal that subconscious void inside of you from not having any way to reconnect to what the power structure took from your tribal ancestors and you.
Leo Yankton

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