Globalization is Americanization

Once upon a time I loved everything about USA. Hank Williams was my idol and I drank Coca Cola and wore my Levis jeans. That’s how it was back then but with time I started to notice that the love had some real major holes.

Then I learned about Nixon and his devilish ”watergate” and then that kennedy, who every seemed to have believed in, was having sex with Marilyn Monroe. And slowly but steadily everything got worse with this nation who once were everybody’s dream. What we believed was a band of love was only the capitals tighten knot because everything they did we was supposed to apply here of course, they on the other hand bought nothing from us. So this deal gave us nothing but a grave totally full of shit.

America is soon controlling the entire world under military threat and behind the computer screens using internet they are turning the world around them into idiots. What they are doing is so stupid that it’s hard to believe and yet we all are supposed to do the same.

Globalization ie Americanization makes us all sit in a bad position and we are being overrun by their crap. With their help we dug a huge hole and all of us is about to fall into it. McDonalds, McEvans and CGI infested movies and what else it can be, yes, all the trends are coming from USA. It seems that today we have no choice, we have been swallowed by a giant capital, an empire that never seems to get satisfied. The entire world is buying into a culture built on deceit and narcissism .

We are being tricked by Americans.

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