Homo Colossus and the Mega Machine

While I probably scared away most of the few followers on this blog by my previous entry, today I’m going to write some thoughts on the entire mega machine and our function as human beings.

Homo sapiens got upgraded to homo sapiens sapiens (no not a typo) some years ago, not that it passed on to many in society as a whole. For most of us we are still homo sapiens, if even that. I, however, have started to question the entire understanding of us as homo sapiens. In many ways it is true, yes, we are homo sapiens in the sense we are mammals; part of the primate species group but in many others ways I think we have fully entered what I would label homo colossus, a term coined by a man called William Robert Catton Jr. who were an American sociologist. We are completely dependent on machines in order to have this way of life, and also to be able to be the population numbers we are, as a species. Our functionality has been completely reduced to being a tiny function, an easy replaceable cog, in the mega machine; Industrial Civilization itself.

It is irony of the highest order that as we have made us dependent on machines to survive we have become slaves to sustain the mega machine, who can’t function without us (yet at least) and at the same time is also what is actually killing us. In this sense I think homo colossus is a fitting phrase for us.

That so many of the so-called environmental movement don’t seem to grasp this is really worrying. Why? Because more often than not when I hear anyone from politicians to (many) climate scientists to greenpeace activists talking about the need to turn away from fossil fuels (which I agree that we have to do) to renewable energy, they all talk about sustaining the mega machine first and foremost and, oh, it would be nice if we also had a planet. We need to realize, collectively, that this way of life is not sustainable and never will be. There is nothing we can do to keep on going like this. Nothing. We need to heavily change course, change the way of understand not only ourselves but that we are a tiny part of a larger living community that exists independent of us, with lives as precious to them as life is precious to us. But we are wreaking havoc onto them by sending them into a living nightmare. The mega machine have to be dismantled. It was created at one time by us humans, it is sustained and kept alive by humans and we could dismantle it today if we collectively wanted too.


Picture Made by Mario Sánchez Nevado

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