Passing gas and other animal behaviors

This is going to be a blogpost that makes people cringe out there. I am being serious though with it in the sense that I think you all know full well what I mean here and know exactly what I am talking about in the broader sense of society. What I mention here is animal behaviors that we all are taught to ignore, ridicule, make fun of and so on to not allow ourselves to remind us of what we are; Human Animals. There are other things in the world that can be brought in as well but today I am going to write only about some of our bodily functions and what we do with them, that we rarely talk about because it is taboo and ”icky” and ”childish” or whatever we want to call these things. Anyway, I don’t expect much discussion on this one but enjoy.

There are numerous things that is in place to make sure we don’t get reminded of the fact that we are animals, human animals, a category of great apes. We have more in common with animals than not, we also have behaviors that constantly tells us just how much of animals we are. These basic behaviors that we can’t really do anything about. We can love, feel fear, feel happy, sad and so on which all are basic signs of being alive, fully conscious animals not machines not robots but then there are things we do, that to this day is usually viewed as disgusting and should be ridiculed in order to be ignored, yet, most of us do this on and off.

First, farts, most likes their own farts and everybody farts, don’t let anyone tell you different. We like the smell of our own farts and dislike the farts of others, and sometime we don’t like the smell of our own farts either. The reason we like our own, ane should do to be fair, is simple. It tells us that everything is okey with us on the inside. If you start disliking your own smell then it tells you something is off within your bowel system, in a time before doctors and hospitals in a time where all you could rely on us your sense and understanding of yourself.. this could mean a lifesaver. Today we are being told that you don’t fart among people and if someone so happen to let one loose the group shall point fingers and laugh and make the person feel embarrassed. We need to constantly keep each other in check to not get reminded of what we really are. Oh btw, do you know when you do fart the most? When you are sleeping. Sorry to anyone out there who might read this and go ”well I don’t fart at least.”

Next up is the smelly finger test. Everybody has at times had to itch your asshole, I’m sure of it. Don’t lie to yourself. Yes you have done it too. Now, next up is something that plenty of people do, without even thinking, and there are a few who resist this as well but most of us still do it. After we scratched our asses to get rid of the itching we smell our finger we used to scratch. This falls in line with the previous segment, making sure everything is ok. If the smell on the finger is ok with you, that the smell is what you usually would smell, then it is a sign that the itching was not something bad. But what if you would think it smells weird, or off.. could be a sign that something is not good. Another behaviour, another thing that we do as apes, as being animals that we should not talk about. Keep the reality of our animal senses in check. Make sure to not talk about them or think about them.

Picking our noses is another fairly common thing, most of us refrain from it in public because, as you know, it is another one of those things where you should feel shamed by the group mentality if you happened too when someone saw you, but most of us do this. Things sometime get stuck in our noses and we need to get it out so get in there and dig it out dammit! It’s ok a good functioning ability to sense smells is important.

With these things said I want to point out that I am no advocating for walking around passing gas and picking your nose to flick at people or anything like that. I am merely saying that these are things that most of us do every now and then and it is clearly animal behaviors and in all cases we are not really supposed to talk about these things, they are taboo as we call it, we shall ignore that we do them and if someone do happen to pass some gas in public we shall be fast, in our hive mind mentality, to point fingers and make that person feel shamed. Everything we can do to make sure we ignore the fact that, yes, we are animals.. human animals and we should be proud of that.

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