Material Reality is a thing and it’s under attack

In the waters of transgender theology and it’s political movement there is a lot of memes going around how for example ”trans women are women” or that we can ”move beyond sexual orientation” and so on. I even seen it is apparently transphobic to understand how the egg and dairy industry works because how can you possibly know these creatures self identify as females? This is if you ask me dangerous territory because what this effectively does, if it takes a more deep and sinister root in western society is to make it utterly impossible to talk about the material conditions that most oppression works with in the real world.

Violence against women does not happen but because women self ID as women but because they are human female, that is the underlying reason to much of the violence in the first place. Girls and women are not conditioned to a life under a veil in nations where Islam is the law of the land because they self ID as girls and women but because they are females. At the same time I didn’t hear the sentences ”stop acting like a girl” or ”only girls cry” or ”toughen up” or ”man up” because I self ID as a boy when I was growing up but because I in fact was a boy, a male child. There is material conditions underlying these things that has nothing to do with inner feelings or identities.

The egg industry is not routinely exploiting hens because hens might or might not self ID as anything but because they are females, and, at the same time the chicken males are not routinely grind alive as they are singled out because they might or might not self id as anything but because they are males who are of no value to the egg industry. The dairy industry is not fording cows into pregnancy on a routine basis and after birth taking away their child to have them produce milk because they might or might not self id as females but because they are females.

There is no way we need to ”move beyond” anything that has to do with the real physical world as long as there is this culture in place that is routinely exploiting on the very basis of material reality and the usefulness it has for itself. Much of this cultures religions, economy and even epistemology is rooted on the routine exploitation of females, down to Earth itself of you, as I do, see her as a female. Mother Earth, Father Sky.

As stated before there is no ”moving beyond” any of this as long as it is happening and in fact I don’t see why we need to move away from it even without oppression. There is noting wrong with being female and there is nothing wrong with being male, these are physical states of being. What is wrong is the routine exploitation of females for being females, what is wrong is the routine violence against women in our society. What is wrong is that we have a movement that wants to render the physical world obsolete in favor of unverifiable inner identities.


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