Infinite Growth…In The Reality Of The Already Dead

”when there is no more room in hell , the dead shall walk the earth” Dawn of The Dead movie.

I remember ”way back” in my days when I was a teen, I saw this curve on human population and it said to level out around 15-20 billion human beings. Back then I never fully reflected upon what all this mean in terms on how overpopulated we would be as a species on the planet but I remember thinking it was weird that it would just stop. How come it would level out? Why would it level out all of a sudden?

Today I think I understand what maybe even those who concluded this graph and study didn’t think about, if we even get so far as to 15-20 billion individuals human beings it will ”level out” because it’s all falling apart. Our habitat will be devastated most other species will be long gone on this planet and I’m sure the biosphere that makes it possible to have life as we know it on this planet will be broken beyond repair.

Think about it. Put it in the context of what is actually going on. We are living under the social influence, even if most of don’t even think about it, that we can have infinite growth on a finite planet. This graph I saw took it as a given, the politics of today from left to right take it as a given and nearly all ”climate change solutions” take it as a given. Wherever we look we can see that infinite growth is the standard to which everything else has to conform including the planet. This is not only backwards thinking it is absolutely insane.

I hardly think we can ever reach 15 billion even less likely to reach 20 billion, but, technological fixes to avoid the unavoidable reality has happened in the past to postpone the obvious crash of human population so maybe, just maybe, that can happen but personally I hope it won’t.

To be fair it is better we started reducing our numbers now when we are below 8 billion rather than that it starts happen in big numbers when we are 15 billion. Not that I want to be ”that guy” but there is one other thing we know that go by this philosophy, perhaps unknowingly, and that is cancer cells. We know what happens with the host if it’s not stopped and what then will be the ultimate outcome for these cells as well, their way of life will come to an abrupt end.

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