Infinite Madness

I live in the outskirts of a city. I live in an apartment. Not that long ago I was sitting outside on the balcony enjoying the late evening of summer. It is beautiful outside. I was watching the night-sky, the little I could see of it. The sun were still lighting up the horizon and light pollution from street lights did its very best to ruin the beautiful blanket we all have above at night.

I was thinking, as I sat there, how fast the growth of industrial society have gone and those across the planet who freely or not so freely are forced into it and how fast the destruction is ongoing.

I am 40+ now, well 41 to be exact, and I remember a time during my youth (during my teens and early adulthood) how it was easy to get a place to live. You could get an apartment on the day basically. This was in the 90s. Fast forward to today and I just read in the news that in general there are 200 people applying on one apartment these days. Talk about being overpopulated. In my own lifetime so far we have gone from having space to in general 200 people fighting over a place to live. And it’s counting. This seems to be a pretty constant factor all across the industrial world. infinite growth means infinite number of humans. Everything tied nicely together to the infinite growth economy. It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we humans, and more to the point industrial humans, are way out of touch with reality. The collective mind (the hive mind) among us industrial humans is making us behave as cancer cells. Grow until you kill the host.

I can’t help but tie this in with the understanding that civilizations–and this is especially true of industrial civilization–themselves are characteristics by the growth of cities and cities are characterized by the growth of people. It never ends with these kind of social setups, does it? They grow and grow until they collapse. Our collective mindset is so out of touch with the rest of life on the planet. Destroy your landbase and you destroy yourself. The landbase is not made up by concrete and asphalt. It’s other species, its other forms of life. Together we all make it possible to live on this planet.

It is not that hard to figure out why about 180 species goes extinct every day or why the rainforest keeps diminishing or why more and more of Indonesian forests goes to become palmoil fields or why more and more humans have to go to prisons for nonhuman animals–we are taught to call them zoos–to see ”wild animals”. It’s ridiculous. We are by this infinite madness of infinite number of humans that are tied to the religion of the infinite growth economy eradicating everything around us. Some might argue that, well, we are building higher buildings more than expanding the cities themselves. Yes this is true but does not really matter in terms of more mouths to feed right? It had not been a problem if we humans did not eat, sleep or shit anywhere. But we do.

This fanatical belief  that one can have infinite growth (and must have or else capitalism will fail) on a finite planet is destroying everything.

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