The morning walk – a short story

As she gently walked over the meadow, feeling the soft touch of the ground underneath her bare feet, the sun came through the tall trees that stood majestic at the end of the meadow. The sunlight softly touched her face, warming up the skin and slowly began sending warmth through the body. It was early morning and life was still waking up from its nightly sleep.
She stopped for a minute, gazing towards the tree-line, towards the rising sun. The sheer beauty of what she saw made her feel at peace, in harmony. Slowly breathing in the early morning air of summer. The world, so alive, so rich with magic and wonder, she thought to herself, as she slowly began to move forward again. Around her on the meadow life was waking up as the sun continued to warm up the area. A couple of bumblebees, if still a bit tired, were making their early morning routes over the area. Landing on one flower after the other. Participating in the joy of morning.
She stopped again. A gentle breeze came by, a bumblebee, sitting on a flower right where she stood, made her best effort to stay on the flower as the flower began to move in rhythm with the wind.
The woman closed her eyes and felt how the wind gently ran through her hair and then wrapped her inside a gentle breeze for a brief moment and then it was over. Another encounter of wonder in a world full of richness and life.
She began moving forward again, making sure to look where she put her feet to try and minimize the damage a pair of human feet can cause. She let her fingertips move through the taller grass, feeling the energy of friendship between the tip of the grass and her fingertips. The contact, the communication between fingers and the grass felt joyful, a gentle tickle. The ground started getting a bit firmer as she came closer to the tree-line, something her feet were quick to adapt to.
The ground, a bit colder now, not yet touched by the sun’s rays.
She moved in between the tree-line, into the forest. Inside, birds were already in full swing, having their morning chatter, planning for today’s events and rounding up last night’s gossip. A crow passed by above, giving a ‘good morning’ while flying off into adventures unknown.

The moment of a peaceful walk was slowly coming to an end as she started to see home a few minutes’ walk away. The sheer beauty of this time made her footsteps feel light and easy as she suddenly found herself standing in front of the house. With slow steps she moved up to the front door, opened it, turned around and, with a smile on her face, glimpsed out over the beauty of the world outside the house. “See you tomorrow”, she whispered, turned around and closed the door behind her.

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