Casey Neill – Dancing on the ruins of multinational corporations

So summer is on the doorstep for many. And what better to have some uplifting music to get those outdoor campfire parties going? This is a song that has many years on its neck being made back in the mid 90s if I’m not completely mistaken. It has a lyric–not to mention that catchy music–that makes me smile every time I hear it and puts me in a good mood.

Anyway. Enjoy.


We’re dancing on the ruins of multinational corporations
Dancing on the ruins of multinational corporations
Dancing on the ruins of multinational corporations
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Say ”goodbye” to plastic and ”goodbye” to cars
No more convenience stores; ”Hello” to stars!
No more Wall Street and no more Pentagon
Thinking about these things makes me happy.


Goodbye to polystyrene–we’ll put an end to the waste,
There is no time for debating; we have to make haste
If we’re going to survive without computer program minds
We’re going to have to can pop culture!
And say hello to campfires and stomping bare feet
and naked amoebas hungry to eat.
Hello to primal consciousness and love for the land,
now that coyotes are running the country


Sayonara to suburbia and well manicured lawns
Bye-Bye Barbie and Ken doll pawns
no more developers or slimeball execs
your condos are on fire


No more christian country–we’ll have pagan deities
and when we’ve destroyed technology, we all will be free
The pavement will be ripped up, and the skyscrapers cut down
yes! we are coming for your children


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