Self-Serving Prophecy

”Death Is All I see When I look at the world we have built and Death is the majesty we all have to face” – Reverend Bizarre

I am living in the outskirts of a city so whenever I’m out walking or taking the bus into the city center or walking towards the city center I’m struck with how much death that is always around us industrial humans, and further, us city humans. We truly do live in a time by which murder is being waged upon the natural world at an alarming rate.  The city I live in has roughly a population just above the 100 000 mark so in contrast to ”mega” cities this is a small little place. This however don’t just center itself around one city or this particular city. The war waged upon the natural world is stunning. To be able to live like the way we–industrial humans and more to the point ”first world” industrial humans–do is by allowing members of our society to turn living communities into dead commodities.

All this is kind of ironic because at a psychological level there is this tremendous fear of death. We are supposed to always look young, stay young. Aging is not good. We shall aim to ”live long” whatever that even means. I thought living meant to enjoy your time in the moment. How can one possibly know how tomorrow looks? I don’t mean one can’t have plans but I mean there is absolutely nothing to foretell if you are going to live tomorrow or not. I think one should not focus so much on what one wants to do in 20 yrs but rather live today. It’s not about how much time one spends on Earth but what you make with the time you have here. Oh the Irony as our way of life murders life itself.

The Abrahamitic religions have, if you ask me, done their best to paint death as something horrible. You can turn up in hell if you are not an obedient servant to God/Allah (which today for many just spells money). An entity that seem to spend a lot of time pitting humans against one another in his name. A prankster god or an demon? For us in the west there is no denying that Christianity has formed much of what has led us onto the path that have spawned Industrial Civilization as we know it. The aim to have control over life itself because we have been taught such horrible things about death and in the end ‘we’ (as a collective) go full force into murdering life as we know it. An eerie thought is kind of haunting me when I think of this stuff of the self-serving and more to the point the self-fulfilling prophecy, the apocalypse, that is being mentioned more than once in the bible and other Abrahemitic based texts.

On the path to fulfill this prophecy we must make sure to erase ”wildness”. While there might be trees in cities a lot of times they are standing in perfect lines with a nice cut lawn in the area. We humans have to be disconnected from the Earth. It’s to me no wonder we often say ”animals and humans” for example. The disconnection starts there even though we are animals ourselves. Further those deemed to be animals are then seen as being dumb, lesser, no sense of self an so on and so forth. Everything has to be controlled and contained. I believe that what we call Abrahemitic religions for the most part came up in a way to control, contain and confine spirituality and a logic part–from such a perspective–of doing that is to make sure to eradicate anything that can remind us about what it means to be free, wild and free, free will… None can exist.

So while I get sad, deeply sad, when I read things such as 200 species goes extinct everyday or that about the 7,000 human languages that still exists today about half are no longer taught to children, I can see why it happens. Nothing can exist outside this self-fulfilling prophecy. The cross and the star and crescent to me symbolizes nothing short but our doom.

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