Where dreams are murdered

”Man makes rivers turn black, Man makes war. Has man gone too far? Everywhere she looks she sees man” – Chellis Glendinning

I know this blog might have been all over the place in the last year or so and maybe I should try and write more than I do. I have ideas but I never really get to wrap my head around how to approach them in a way that satisfies me. I think this is one of the issues with living with adhd and autistic tendencies. Not always is the hyperactivity bodily but can be a mish mash of thoughts and you have a hard time grasping onto one and make something out of it. It’s very frustrating.

There are things that worries me, deeply, worries me. A lot of what I tried to give some thoughts too (while not always been that good in articulating perhaps) is still haunting me and I can’t give it any rest. The constant move of the hivemind of members of the dominant culture away from the real world and getting more and more lost in the abstract is scary. In an age where I for the past two years or so can’t lay to rest the increasing of strong winds in the areas where I live. Storms are so much more frequent now than ever before. The seasons are starting to get pushed forwards into the year, and, maybe you think that it don’t have to be a problem. Well, it is since the sun hours are not shifting. They remain the same. Meaning plants and so on gets tougher and tougher to adapt since around here summer time are very short in terms of sun hours, if it gets too cold and/or too warm more loosely connected to the sun cycle plants and bushes and trees will have a harder time bearing fruit and growing as they have adapted to the sun cycle and in extension what feeds us will get a tougher time to reproduce so we can eat. One could brush this of as just temporary shifts if it were not for the fact that climate connected events are happening all over the planet. This is what happens here where I live. In other parts of the planet there is droughts, storms, heavy rainfalls that ruin crops, cold temperatures that kills and so on and so forth. This stuff genuinely concerns me. Yet few seems to even notice it in their rush to work, to the gym, to the shopping mall. I wonder if the average industrial human even bother to gaze at the starsky any more and marvel of the sheer beauty that happens at night above their heads.

Have you by the way thought about every time you let your fingers gently move over a leaf or two or three on a branch on a tree, not only do you feel the tree but the tree feels you? Do you think that if you hug a tree that the tree hugs you back? I’m sure, unless the tree have a bad day, it do hug one back. Trees are awesome. I have thought about what if one was born a tree what could be one of the worst things one could experience? I have no doubt the sound of chainsaws is scary to trees. The sound of chainsaws scares me too. Today it usually signals the destruction of yet another green area. That’s going to be turned into a concrete space or made into a monocultural lawn. Sometime it’s also of course another clear cut. The destruction of forests goes quite fast these days in this part of the world. But no one thinks about that because the abstract is more interesting. The real world, upon which we all own our lives and are dependent on for our very survival, is far down the list of peoples attention span these days. ”Forests precedes us and deserts dogs our heels” as Philosopher Derrick Jensen puts it. Brilliant wording. I agree with that.

As I’m writing these words the oldest cat I live with, I share living space with two cats, are laying very comfortable on a chair here next to me. So peaceful. On her back. I wonder what she is dreaming about. If you are a cat owner have you ever noticed, or thought about, that if you sleep next to a cat you more often meet them in your dreams than if they don’t sleep next to you? I don’t even know if its just my imagination or not but it seems to happen to me. It’s cool. I remember reading a line from an Aztec poem once in some book that I sadly can’t remember which one it was, but I remember the line it read ”That we come to this earth to live is untrue: We come but to sleep, to dream”. I’m not sure I even understands it but it got stuck in my head for some reason.

I think we live in a society where dreams dies. We live in a culture and a society now in which dreams are murdered. What matters are production, progress. To turn living communities into commodities and without living communities no dreams. What’s that you say? You feel unwell. That’s no problem. You are but a resource and can easily be replaced.

There was another storm going on today. It felt like a storm one expects in autumn. It was extremely windy. In other parts of Sweden some men of religious faith think it’s cool to tell women to sit at the back of the bus, so they are separated from us men. Of course in a progressive society this is all good as long as it happens under religious freedom according to some people. I guess its easy to say we should not bother when one is not the one being targeted. I noticed this is just how people often responds to most situations of bullying, intimidation and so on. If one is not the one being targeted just let it slide. As long it don’t interrupt production it’s all good. But there is a *big* exception when all of us should care and it have to do with land theft and laying hands upon resources. Then those to whom it will benefit the most–those in power–will use every trick in the book to sell propaganda to the rest of society to stir up hatred and in ‘we’ go to disrupt this or that nation in the name of democracy. Funny how it works. When ‘we’ got what we want it is time to move on. I guess the overall message to take away from this is that never interfere in things you don’t benefit from.

It is quite funny how I when I began this journey of trying to reconnect to earth and life itself that I often felt like such strong emotions of like ‘waking up’. These days I just ask myself how could I have been so blind to not seen what was going on before my eyes all this time? My answer to myself is always the same I was as preoccupied as most others by the abstract. I was living my life among punks and metal heads in the music subcultures feeling all special and ”against the mainstream society” yet, looking back at it, I acted like most members of this culture. I was caught up in the abstract.

I’ve been thinking a bit about truly being ”against the norm, against society” and I think I finally got an answer. Be nice. Give a shit. Speak up against bullying. Speak up against the horrible treatment of nonhuman animals. Fall in love with the land. Learn about your nonhuman neighbours and so on and so forth. I can say that in today’s society you don’t get much more ”against the norm” than that. Try to do whatever is in your reach and what you feel comfortable in doing to protect the ability to have dreams to enjoy dreams and to be able to share dreams.

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