Gender, sex roles and theology…whaaat?

”The illumination is a false betrayal. You fall deep into the mind that will destroy you”

– The Chill Within by Desultory

”trans women are women” is a mantra that I see pop up every now and then on the internet.
I don’t know about you but for me this sentence does not really make much sense.
Well, in a way I guess it can make sense. If one perceive the word woman as nothing but a referral to a socialisation–what is nowadays called Gender and previously called sex roles–I guess anyone can be a woman who fits that socialisation aspect some people perceive should be attached to the word.
However, its not that simple is it?
No, it is not at least not for those of us born outside US/Globalist culture.
The word woman (or the word man for that matter) is not just a mere word describing a human beings socialisation (or as I’ve also seen a mere feeling) but is in reference to biological sex.
In the English language one can also find words to describe categories of female and male among other creatures beside us humans.
Hen and rooster or Cow and Bull to mention two common examples.
None of the words are used to describe cows and bulls socialisations but is merely words to refer to ones biological sex ie reproductive capabilities.
So in other words nothing is said in how one is suspected to dress, talk or walk and so on.

On a side note it’s kind of interesting how we have created the words woman and man when we talk about the animal state of female and male amongst ourselves. It’s clear we live in a culture that, as tainted as it it due to the Christian Church doctrine, want to make sure to keep us separate from nature and what we actually are, animals, down to language. Besides ourselves this is also applied to other domesticated nonhuman animals. We need to separate them from the natural world, the wild, as well. Nothing shall remind us that we in fact should be loyal to the landbase not to the abstracts such as God/Allah or Capitalism or US or EU. Whatever hierarchy of power within the framework of the dominant culture you want to pick. This patriarchy.

Anyway carrying on. If the sentence ”trans women are women” is in fact true than what is also true must be that women are trans women, right?
I mean it can’t possibly be that its just a one way street, that would make zero sense yet often the claims is that trans women are women and the word woman becomes defined according to trans ideology. So it is in fact a one way street. Convenient for these gender/sex roles worshipping people in society. So whenever women (human females) as a very much real sex class biologically different from us men (human males), want to talk about issues that we men simply don’t share, trans activists often claim they can’t talk about this or that due to being transphobic.
Or the understanding that on the basis of sex women and girls are oppressed, not by individual identities. This is a basic understanding of feminist discourse.
An understanding that I have to say have a lot of grounding in the real world we all live in. And again trans activists argues that women can’t talk about this because to let this slide would acknowledge biological sex, something that trans ideology–more like theology–seem to want to transgress by denying it’s existence. One must be pure in spirit by renouncing the flesh as the good members of the dominant culture have been practising for thousands of years. This looks just as a modern version of the same old madness.
One would think that for women to have the ability to talk about them being oppressed on the basis of sex is very important. For example in China the previous one child policy they had in place made it so that parents choose more often than not to abort female fetuses ie future girls because they wanted boys instead. This among others things belongs to a planetary lived reality that women are ought to be able to discus. It is important for all of us to see and understand what is going on here.
Or under certain religious forms something called FGM is practised, female genital mutilation, something that clearly does not happen to someone born with
a penis despite his wishes to be ‘seen’ as a female.
Here someone can of course argue back that genital mutilation happens to us males too. yes that is true the removal of the foreskin.
The practice is however not tainted with as much cruel ”morals” as FGM in which they sew up the vagina so that the female shall stay a ”virgin” until a man comes along and makes her a woman (a not virgin) with the removal of the foreskin it is basically a ritual practice to make a boy into a ”real man” in the end. I despise genital mutilations of any kind. I despise it when it happens under the transgender umbrella too. Fully healthy bodily organs are mutilated to cater to clearly psychological issues or right out fetish driven thoughts.
Further one can also go into great length about the sex industry in which women are routinely degraded, objectified, packaged and sold to mostly hetero men’s selfish sexual kicks.
The Sex Industry, to me at least, clearly shows what Swedish writer and activist Kajsa Ekis Ekman has coined ”the inequality of desire”.
It is something that clearly is being in place here between the sexes, women exist to pleasure us men. We men exist to be pleasured by women. This is all rooted
on the basis of sex and not because of someone’s perceived identity. Women ought to
have a language to be able to discuss this and all of society should have the ability to discuss this without having to hear its transphobic or any other convenient ticker to shut down conversation to cater to someone’s ”perceived self identity”.
Not to go to long into this but as I see it there are clearly situations in which trans women as a class of people are not sharing the lived realities as women as a class ie actual human females.
In fact trans women on the basis of reproductive capabilities share the same space as those of us who call ourselves men ie human males.
trans women and men are both human males and one can wonder when it comes to actual socialisation that goes on in this society how much of that ”male pattern”
is maintained among those who live as trans women?

There is just too much that is not making sense in saying that woman is whatever I ”feel” it is. It is a biological reality. Being female or male is not feelings. It just is. Its as easy as water is wet. The sky is blue and hens are hens and roosters are roosters. If one don’t agree with this then they should rather come up with their own language and terms. Words don’t just mean whatever you want them to mean. So I rather argue that trans women are trans women, women are women, trans men are trans men and men are men.
Why is that even a problem? What is so dangerous to claim something of your own rather than want to occupy and colonise the language of others? That sounds more like some kind of fetish than anything else. Oh, I see. It about colonisation of language. After all. No one should be allowed to discuss anything inside the real world, where all of us actually exists whether we like it or not. Awful, awful direction we as a human society is heading. Truly awful.

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