Internet and mental sickness

In a time when Climate Change is coming to our doorsteps more abruptly than anyone seems to have anticipated. In a time when the cult of the self is exploding among us, especially among the youth. In a time where corporations now wield more power than many governments (and remember the core value of a government is to be a servant of the people. When the government is turned against the people its function has ceased). In a time when the ruling class is more or less made up of people you can’t even mention, because you have no clue who they are any more, having become so distant from the rest of us, from day to day people. In a time where species are losing out in rapid speed. In a time when human languages are erased almost as fast, if not as fast,  as species are becoming extinct. Many sad, sad, sad events coming together in one symphony of fear, sadness & despair. In all of these situations there is even on more layer to add: the problem, as I see it at least, has to do with Internet and mental health, or, should I say, the growth of mental unhealth through Internet cultism.

I’ve noticed over the last two years or so how Internet truly fosters personalities that wholeheartedly evolve around being sick. Mentally sick. As someone who has struggled for years with mental sickness, I find it extremely worrying that what is happening on the Internet is this feeding of personalities evolving around mental sickness. It starts to define who they are. People that might have borderline personality disorder or have depression or have dysphoria (which includes a variety of emotional states of course) post images of themselves looking like they are dying or dead and usually complement them with text, such as, ”having a tough day today” or ”I just want to be me…” or something like that. People then comment things like, ”you are so strong”, ”power hug” and so on. They are creating personalities out of being sick. I think this is very saddening (and worrying). Who they are gets rooted in being not well making it very difficult to ever change or become more at peace with life. Another thing that I believe happens is that feeling ”normal” (and I know we live in a society where we are constantly being told to challenge the ‘norm’ but I use it to describe a state of being yourself that at least is not necessarily centred in severe anxiety attacks or depression 24/7) will feel weird and awkward when who they are is rooted in these conditions and people constantly validating that condition through the Internet.

What then happens if the person does come to terms that this can’t go on? They need to start working with their inner problems. Thought processes need to be replaced. Maybe relations to certain people in life that are simply not good for them need to be cut, and so on. They can feel lost. To not have that mental sickness going on can then itself cause stress or anxiety, due to not feeling comfortable, because who they were was so revolved around not feeling well, and we humans tend do one thing when we get uncomfortable in a situation – we go back to what we know and feel used to.
I would actually argue this phenomenon has a lot in common with drug addiction. When you get out of it and you are sober (or in this case not feeling all these harsh emotions all the time) one gets lost. There is a hole to fill that used to be that old stuff. And many people can’t deal with it and go back to what they knew. Heck there are even political movements more or less created out of mental sickness today. In which the rest of the world have to walk around on eggshells to not upset them or make them feel threatened and so on. This is not fruitful in any shape or form. And yes, I said it but I truly don’t believe it is fruitful at all. I think it is a very worrying development, especially among younger generations, where I think this is more common than among us who are older.

So, as if the planet getting murdered is not enough, there is also a growing community of humans in the civilised world who are further away from the real world than humans have ever been. Lost in a sea of emotions eating them up. Creating personalities created out of mental sickness and feeding this online. To cement who they are is rooted in darkness rather than positivity. And I’m not saying that one has to go around and be happy all the time. Absolutely not. But who you are should not have to be rooted in anxiety, stress, depression as the ”normal state” to be.

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