The United STATE of America.

lesbian feminist Magdalen Berns delivers a video on the state of US of A that is very thoughtful. Again many of you might wonder what does this kind of stuff have to do with environmentalism? And again I will say that as long the entire industrial society, across the planet, is steeped in this endless growth economy that is killing the planet, US is the most aggressive that most of us are affected by. Their version is tremendously dangerous and backwards. Globalism that more honestly should be called Americanism is a threat to the land, to cultures, to healthy societies everywhere. Just as she says in the video people should protest the US. We need to get politics back to the nations we actually live in. Break it down into smaller pieces. The bigger these decision making schemes becomes, laid out by those in power, the harder it is to get anyone to care even the slightest for this or that piece of land. And while I am, as you might know who followed this blog for a while, pretty much anticiv I also do care. If there is even a slightest chance of a soft landing during the collapse of industrial civilisation I of course would love to see that happen instead.

Anyway rather than seeing me sit here and write. Here is Magdalen.

and if you don’t see the video here is a link

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