Chris Hedges: the global revolt against corporate capitalism

What’s this, two posts in two days. This is madness! And what is up with this Chris Hedges bias that we are seeing here? Two videos in a row.

220px-chris_hedges_blur    ali__tariq__croatia_1-a08f69cac028777c25d187eca875ca64-a08f69cac028777c25d187eca875ca64

Yep, I have to post another Christ Hedges piece. This time he is the interviewer rather than the interviewed. He sits down and talks to radical intellectual and author Tariq Ali. I find this a lovely discussion on problems with capitalism, what we in the west calls globalism and the economic ruling class tied to this globalist politics, the rise of the (radical) right around the western world esp Europe and America and more. Maybe someone wonder what this can have to do with my interest in deepgreen thinking and activism. Well, a lot of it is tied to it in my opinion. To have a growth economy on a finite planet is insanity. And I see little to nothing that seriously addresses these issues by those in power. We are starting to face some serious climate change events I believe and what also seems to be an ever increasing social unrest. I would argue that industrial society clearly is in decline and yet nothing that seems to steer anything in a good and positive direction are even discussed among those in power. Its all a bit scary and unsettling I have to say. However, I enjoy listening to conversations like this. I find a lot to take away with what people like these two discusses.

Anyway rather than for me to sit here and type. Here is the video.

And if the video don’t start here is the link to it on youtube.

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