Some thoughts in regards of ‘brexit’

There are things I am worried about in this whole ‘brexit’ thing but I need to state that I really don’t have a problem with the ‘populist movement’ (not sure what to call it) across Europe that is rejecting an entire political system, as seen with ‘brexit’ in England now.  While being a close deal, the biggest voting side has rejected a complete set of rulers namely Brussels itself. Clearly the reasons why this situation has even occurred is in the hands of those in power in Brussels. They created this mess. If you already think I am wrong here and should die in a fire, maybe there is no point reading further.

What I do see as a problem and what worries me is that there are a number of people (and groups) on the right winged side of things in political terms that want to capitalise and use this for their more nationstate based ‘police state dreams’. That is scary. What is also scary is that there are also a large group of people in society–I guess we can call them the status quo–that appeal to this top-down authoritarian structures such as the Brussels, EU and end up defending the cause of the situation.One side saw an opportunity to whip up racism and immigration hatred, while the other  ‘side’ was busy calling members of the populist movement stupid, uneducated, dumb, lazy, racist you name it. Is it really that hard to figure out that an annoyed part of the population that gets to constantly hear they are nothing but a worthless piece of  dog poo will eventually start leaning towards the right wingers who has more or less, in England at least, just co-opted the entire anti-establishment group to echo this groups statements for their own political gains?

It’s quite the situation we are in as a society again. There has been many messy things happening under the industrialist era of the human species. I am worried though. Both these groups are scary to me. They really hate each other. Like two groups fighting over which authoritarian/totalitarian structure to follow. Local Police State or Authoritarian structures such as Brussels, EU. thanks but no thanks. If those are the only two options we have to choose between,  I honestly think we are effed.

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