A longing…

IMG_0394Here we are now–as a species–by the ledge looking out over clear cuts,
acidified lakes and oceans, depleted soil and polluted air.
160-200 species went extinct today, 160-200 species went extinct yesterday & 160-200 species will go extinct tomorrow. As more and more data suggests we, the industrial civilised humans, have caused the start of the sixth great mass extinction on Earth not individually but as a collective. Civilisation is killing the planet. Civilisation is killing our home.
Civilisation murders us.
We can have guessing games if it will take ten years, twenty years or a hundred years before civilisation will finish us off.
It does not really matter. As a species, it will be a tough future, we already have it tough and of course we can’t forget about other animals who suffer on a daily basis in factory farms, vivisection labs, or involuntary imprisoned at zoos being spectacles, or at circuses, or out in the last remains of the wild having their homes destroyed by yet another forest cut down, and so on and so forth. And not to forget plants and trees, they are of course not being looked upon with any more respect or humbleness. They are even not considered being fully living beings. They don’t remind us of us, as other animals do, so they must be so far from anything sentient and living. They are also just here for us to abuse as we see fit. Clear forests to grow, torture (use of pesticides), rip up, collect, pack in plastics and ship across the world for our industrial use. No regards of ever giving back. No thoughts of being kind. Everything living exists in so far it can be violated.

Mental illness (depression, anxiety, panic attacks and so on) rates are going through the roof amongst us civilised humans. That should say something about the situation. Yet of course we are told that it’s just about fixing up the growth economy and everything will be swell.

Gaze over industrial civilisation and all the individuals that are tied to it and you find the same dissatisfaction all over the planet: sadness, hatred, helplessness, regret, bitterness and, what seems to be the most common, hopelessness. The produced material reality can no longer satisfy our deepest needs, a desire to belong to something. That something is our vocation. For me that means to be a participant of life on the planet in the way that we as a species once did.
In a phrase of philosophy: “There is a whole world waiting for us, ready to welcome us home.”
This longing, I believe, is something that is very prevalent amongst us. We may have all sorts of explanations for why we feel what we are feeling but when we listen to one another, talk to one another, it so often seems to translate into ‘a need’ to belong to something that is more than just us and our production based material society.

The desire to belong to something more, something that is a physical part of us–call it a biological part of us if you will– I think will keep on getting stronger and it will turn into more and more weird social solutions in attempts to make us happy while coping with the problem itself: civilisation, that we in no way can raise concerns about or question. Civilisation is just something one has to take for granted. It’s meant to be, if we look at what is being told by the dominant culture. All of evolution happened so that we, today, can have this way of life, apparently. That’s what we are being told over and over again. The narcissism knows no bounds.

Industrial society is not worthwhile, it just takes. It does not give anything back. It is based on not giving anything back. Civilisation, to use a phrase from Stanley Diamond, “originates in conquest abroad and repression at home”. That sums it up right there. That is not us. This is not what we are meant to be. We have been fooled, been tricked, been cheated. We somehow need to at least try and take back our lives from those who have it in their best interest to not allow us to participate fully in the web of life.



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4 kommentarer till A longing…

  1. donesoverydone skriver:

    Reblogga detta på things I've read or intend to.

  2. Miep skriver:

    If you like fiction, Linda Hogan’s ”Solar Storms” is really good, on this topic.


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