Anti-Capitalism for me means less economic exploitation. Not more brothels.

Anti-Capitalism for me means less workers at McDonalds and Less McDonalds.

Anti-Capitalism for me means less consumerism and more time spent with friends and family really hanging out.

Anti-Capitalism for me means people understanding themselves as one of many and not only this ”me, me, me” concept.

Anti-Capitalism for me means to free the human being from economic exploitation. That the basic rights of water, food and shelter is not a question about paying money but a human right free of charge.

Anti-Capitalism for me means a world in which there are more trees on the planet each year, not less. Where there are more forests each year, not less.

Anti-Capitalism for me means oceans not getting devoid of fish but regaining life. Anti Capitalism for me means to understand that the planet is primary and any economic system that does not benefit the landbase is immoral, unjust and insane. When the powerful speak on how to save the growth economy on a finite planet I think we are actually listening to insane people.

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4 kommentarer till Anti-Capitalism

  1. ”When the powerful speak on how to save the growth economy on a finite planet I think we are actually listening to insane people.”
    Totally! It seems the mainstream politicos are stuck on the same refrain, as we are hurtling towards the wall. In the US, there is no alternative voice in the mainstream media.

  2. thosdiddly skriver:

    Wonderfully put! It especially irks me that, even in this day and age, we have to pay for food, water and such necessities that we simply have to have. What are the poor supposed to do when they don’t have the funds? How can a company own water? We’ve reached a stage where profit has a priority over people and where Capitalism puts a price on life itself. What makes it worse, is that most of us are trapped inside this system of exploitation.

    I talk about it more here:

    • Sundazed skriver:

      Sorry for my somewhat late reply. Thank you for your kind words. I have looked over your blog a bit, and there was plenty of interesting reading material there.

      Yeah its getting extremely haywire with Capitalism, or in the extension any economic model that is based on infinite growth.

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