Dear Amnesty…

A day or two ago, Amnesty International voted on decriminalizing the sex trade. Going on the line that it should be legal to sell and buy sex. Not only did they do this, part of Amnesty, AmnestyOnline, cracked open champagne and posted a picture of their celebration online. 

amnesty champagneDespite the fact that a lot of human rights organisations (reads more like hu-MAN in the case of Amnesty) seldom mention who the buyers in the sex trade are, it is overwhelmingly us men that are doing this. It’s sad to see that people go so far as to drink champagne to celebrate that they now support that we men, around the world, should have the right to buy women & girls (and sometimes boys, other men & transpeople) as we see fit for our sexual pleasures. You can ignore us as a class as much as you want, but this won’t change. Amnesty is proposing that a privilege should be put onto us men that makes it perfectly okay for any one of us to buy women & girls that wear the right label, ”sex worker”, as we see fit. Creating a class of women who we shall be taught to understand as not worth any more consideration from us than how well we can get our sexual ”desires” satisfied. All this talk about reducing stigma. Good luck with that. If you believe that men, who see nothing wrong in transferring money in order to use another human being this way–with or without sexual consent, which I honestly believe is few, since if one freely has sex with another person, transferring money between the two simply doesn’t take place–is not creating stigma, you are misled.

It is the very buyers, us men, that it mostly strengthens. This is a privilege that needs to be dismantled, not catered to in a society that claims to be about equality and justice for all. All – a word you think would include everyone and not just us who are born with a penis.
There can be no equality and/or justice by claiming it’s all good to allow male sexuality to stand at the front and centre, as it does in regards of the sex trade. Because even if an organisation like Amnesty claims it’s not about that, that is exactly what it is. The purchase, to ”hire”, someone’s body,  is about the buyers’ sexual satisfaction, NOT the one who sells. It is about the buyers’ selfish sexuality, their fetishes, their whatever reason they might have. It’s all about them.

As a man I simply don’t want these privileges. I don’t want the right to buy anyone for any sexual activity. If I’m too lazy to masturbate, well, than it is my loss. No one should have to be (ab)used because of that.

Male sexuality is not a universal right that needs to be catered to 24/7 and I hope to see many more men actually take a stand. Especially among men that openly claim to support women.
Demand that this privilege be denounced, taken away, dismantled. There are other ways to help women, who for any reason are in the sex trade, without putting all of us men on a damn pedestal and drinking champagne.

What is next ? Will Amnesty begin forming an opinion that in order to help the growing population of poor EU citizens – more and more of whom are now forced to sit and beg in street corners – that these people should start with taking a job at brothels so that any man that has money can abuse them as they see fit, if they so wish?

End demand. Put the spotlight & heat on the buyers.

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