Violation of boundaries

Civilization originates in conquest abroad and repression at home // Stanley Diamond

The violation imperative runs deep in the dominant culture. What does it mean to be a man for example?  Well, for one thing, you know you are a real man by how well you violate the boundaries of others. No matter whether we talk about the boundaries of women, boundaries of other cultures, boundaries of nations, boundaries of communities or the boundaries of the natural world. In this patriarchy–industrial civilization–everything exists to be violated, down to the very atom itself.

180-200 species will go extinct today, 180-200 species went extinct yesterday and 180-200 species will go extinct tomorrow. Worldwide, forests fall. Worldwide, the ocean is depleted.  All in the name of violation. Violation of boundaries. There is no doubt that our way of living—industrial civilization—is based on, requires, and would collapse very quickly, without persistent and widespread violence; of violation of boundaries.

About one hundred rapes occur every day in Sweden; forty eight women are raped every hour in Congo; one in four girls and one in five boys is sexually molested. 25 % of all women are raped in their lifetimes in USA and another 19 % will have to fence off rape attempts. There is dioxin in every mother’s breast milk. 99% of the large fish in the oceans are gone; 98% of the prairies in the world are gone. Slaughterhouses, vivisection labs, sonar mapping (more like bombing) of the ocean floor, causing massive damage to whales and other sea creatures who happen to be nearby when they blast this insane technology–they blast with around 200db underwater. You can do the maths yourself as to how healthy this is for anything living in that region – to find resources of course. Do I need to mention more about the massive violation imperative that is fundamental in the dominant culture? Everything exists to be violated in order to sustain a lifestyle that can never be sustained.

It’s a sociopathic culture. It’s a way of life for sociopaths.

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3 kommentarer till Violation of boundaries

  1. stchauvinism skriver:

    Reblogga detta på Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  2. shannon skriver:

    Well yes. But even the concept of boundary really only exists as a corollary to the existence of men and their prying attacky nature. You know, no ‘solid’ matter is actually solid, and the atoms of each intermingle when you touch. air is breathed into the body, baby and mother are really more like one entity than two.

    I’m not sure what to make of all that, but if we are trying to learn from boundary violation, what do we learn? I don’t think what we should learn is to create more boundaries, straight lines, man type military defences. We need to eradicate the boundary agressor who does so in the name of knowledge, science, love etc. That saying ”knowledge is power” , its true and so perhaps we need less knkwledge, less production of knowledge.
    Science, for example, violates the atom to study it. I think what we should learn is that the healthy way is to make culture within which it is okay to have true mystery, to say ‘I don’t need to know’, to value the whole instead if parts. To see nature and people as living, not machines who have rights to privacy & mystery. No one with power can be expected to keep it in check, instead we should not allow that mechanism of power ”knowledge” to exist in the hands of men. We need to start taking out their stores of knowledge, whilst creating and building our own. This has been a strategy of indigenous peoples and these peoples are still here despite all odds.

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