So I decided to begin writing in English rather than Swedish. I know, I know this is a sell-out sign, right ? No, in all seriousness. I understand the importance to stay true to your native tongue but in all fairness Sweden is a small country and while I don’t expect to have many readers on this blog (for one thing I rarely update it) it might serve some purpose if it can be read by more people than just Swedish talking/reading people. Anyway with that said lets jump into today’s post about hatred.

Hatred is an emotion, a state of being, that we all feel at certain times in our lives. Hatred is a genuine feeling just as love, fear, sadness, joy and so on. Hatred is as okey to feel as any other emotion. Too often are we told to hush or not show hatred, which I think is a problem in itself. The problem is not hatred as an emotion, the problem arise when hatred is being thrown at your own projections against people, against the natural world or against yourself.

We, the civilized, are born & raised in a culture that constantly is hating its own projection upon the world around it. To try and explain what I mean. I can, for example, hate a lesbian radical feminist for what she has done to me, but if I hate her because she is a lesbian radical feminist then I’m hating my own projection–this ‘cut-out cardboard box’ figure to try and put it in a metaphor–that I place upon her and I’m not even giving her the possibility (or even honor) to be hated for who she is. This is the core problem with hatred among us civilized and more so among us civilized men. We spend a lot of time hating our own projections. This is truly bothersome.

Another problem with hatred is that when hatred has been projected for a long time, over generations in many (or most) cases, is that it stops feeling like hatred. The writer/activist Derrick Jensen sums it up in this way ”hatred felt long enough no longer feels like hatred but more like economics, religion, science or simply the way things are”.  I would like to add misogyny to that context. Misogyny (women hating) don’t feel like hatred but another example of the way things are. Women are here to be on display for the male gaze, young girls and women are taught to value themselves by using the male gaze projection onto their own physical & material selves. This is projection and hatred felt long enough so it no longer feels like hatred but the way things are for girls and women. Within the dominant culture itself there is a constant hatred going on. It is constantly being waged against women, children, other cultures, other nations, the natural world and ourselves. If we did not hate the world we would not allow to see it get destroyed and if we did not hate ourselves we would not allow our bodies to be poisoned.

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