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Homo Colossus and the Mega Machine

While I probably scared away most of the few followers on this blog by my previous entry, today I’m going to write some thoughts on the entire mega machine and our function as human beings.

Homo sapiens got upgraded to homo sapiens sapiens (no not a typo) some years ago, not that it passed on to many in society as a whole. For most of us we are still homo sapiens, if even that. I, however, have started to question the entire understanding of us as homo sapiens. In many ways it is true, yes, we are homo sapiens in the sense we are mammals; part of the primate species group but in many others ways I think we have fully entered what I would label homo colossus, a term coined by a man called William Robert Catton Jr. who were an American sociologist. We are completely dependent on machines in order to have this way of life, and also to be able to be the population numbers we are, as a species. Our functionality has been completely reduced to being a tiny function, an easy replaceable cog, in the mega machine; Industrial Civilization itself.

It is irony of the highest order that as we have made us dependent on machines to survive we have become slaves to sustain the mega machine, who can’t function without us (yet at least) and at the same time is also what is actually killing us. In this sense I think homo colossus is a fitting phrase for us.

That so many of the so-called environmental movement don’t seem to grasp this is really worrying. Why? Because more often than not when I hear anyone from politicians to (many) climate scientists to greenpeace activists talking about the need to turn away from fossil fuels (which I agree that we have to do) to renewable energy, they all talk about sustaining the mega machine first and foremost and, oh, it would be nice if we also had a planet. We need to realize, collectively, that this way of life is not sustainable and never will be. There is nothing we can do to keep on going like this. Nothing. We need to heavily change course, change the way of understand not only ourselves but that we are a tiny part of a larger living community that exists independent of us, with lives as precious to them as life is precious to us. But we are wreaking havoc onto them by sending them into a living nightmare. The mega machine have to be dismantled. It was created at one time by us humans, it is sustained and kept alive by humans and we could dismantle it today if we collectively wanted too.


Picture Made by Mario Sánchez Nevado

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Passing gas and other animal behaviors

This is going to be a blogpost that makes people cringe out there. I am being serious though with it in the sense that I think you all know full well what I mean here and know exactly what I am talking about in the broader sense of society. What I mention here is animal behaviors that we all are taught to ignore, ridicule, make fun of and so on to not allow ourselves to remind us of what we are; Human Animals. There are other things in the world that can be brought in as well but today I am going to write only about some of our bodily functions and what we do with them, that we rarely talk about because it is taboo and ”icky” and ”childish” or whatever we want to call these things. Anyway, I don’t expect much discussion on this one but enjoy.

There are numerous things that is in place to make sure we don’t get reminded of the fact that we are animals, human animals, a category of great apes. We have more in common with animals than not, we also have behaviors that constantly tells us just how much of animals we are. These basic behaviors that we can’t really do anything about. We can love, feel fear, feel happy, sad and so on which all are basic signs of being alive, fully conscious animals not machines not robots but then there are things we do, that to this day is usually viewed as disgusting and should be ridiculed in order to be ignored, yet, most of us do this on and off.

First, farts, most likes their own farts and everybody farts, don’t let anyone tell you different. We like the smell of our own farts and dislike the farts of others, and sometime we don’t like the smell of our own farts either. The reason we like our own, ane should do to be fair, is simple. It tells us that everything is okey with us on the inside. If you start disliking your own smell then it tells you something is off within your bowel system, in a time before doctors and hospitals in a time where all you could rely on us your sense and understanding of yourself.. this could mean a lifesaver. Today we are being told that you don’t fart among people and if someone so happen to let one loose the group shall point fingers and laugh and make the person feel embarrassed. We need to constantly keep each other in check to not get reminded of what we really are. Oh btw, do you know when you do fart the most? When you are sleeping. Sorry to anyone out there who might read this and go ”well I don’t fart at least.”

Next up is the smelly finger test. Everybody has at times had to itch your asshole, I’m sure of it. Don’t lie to yourself. Yes you have done it too. Now, next up is something that plenty of people do, without even thinking, and there are a few who resist this as well but most of us still do it. After we scratched our asses to get rid of the itching we smell our finger we used to scratch. This falls in line with the previous segment, making sure everything is ok. If the smell on the finger is ok with you, that the smell is what you usually would smell, then it is a sign that the itching was not something bad. But what if you would think it smells weird, or off.. could be a sign that something is not good. Another behaviour, another thing that we do as apes, as being animals that we should not talk about. Keep the reality of our animal senses in check. Make sure to not talk about them or think about them.

Picking our noses is another fairly common thing, most of us refrain from it in public because, as you know, it is another one of those things where you should feel shamed by the group mentality if you happened too when someone saw you, but most of us do this. Things sometime get stuck in our noses and we need to get it out so get in there and dig it out dammit! It’s ok a good functioning ability to sense smells is important.

With these things said I want to point out that I am no advocating for walking around passing gas and picking your nose to flick at people or anything like that. I am merely saying that these are things that most of us do every now and then and it is clearly animal behaviors and in all cases we are not really supposed to talk about these things, they are taboo as we call it, we shall ignore that we do them and if someone do happen to pass some gas in public we shall be fast, in our hive mind mentality, to point fingers and make that person feel shamed. Everything we can do to make sure we ignore the fact that, yes, we are animals.. human animals and we should be proud of that.

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there may soon be very few places in the world where a nonaggressive person can survive except as a lackey or slave

In many respects, the twentieth century has been the most disappointing period in modern human history. We have witnessed the failure of the so-called ”western democracies” to solve their most pressing internal problems, the failure of Marxist-Leninism to come to grips with the issues of bureaucracy, authoritarianism, and the self-interest of newly-empowered elites, the failure of so-called mass education, the failure of technology, the failure of organized religion, and the failure of the most highly-trained and ”educated” generations of human beings in all of history to do more than paper over the great problems facing the world.

We have witnessed devastating wars, the deaths of millions upon millions, the squandering of earth’s resources, and the continuing exploitation of the smaller nationalities (especially of folk peoples) and the politically weak in general.

The brutality and hypocrisy of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries would not be so frightening if, indeed, the leadership of the world were in the hands of uneducated soldiers (of the Idi Amin type) or of openly criminal elements. But by and large such is not the case. People like Idi Amin and Saddam Hussein could not stay in power without ”technocrats” and trained civil servants who collect necessary revenues and maintain a structure of governance. Neither Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Huey Long, Ferdinand Marcos, nor Augusto Pinochet could govern without without the active support or cooperation of many thousands of ”educated” experts, technicians and bureaucrats. All of the modern secret police of the world depend upon well-trained personnel, scientific equipment, advanced social science studies of human behavior, and bureaucratic management systems (either pre-computer or post-computer). Even organized crime depend upon college-trained lawyers, administrators and executives, and upon the technology of modern society.

The people who rule the world today are, on the whole, highly educated (or at least highly trained). They are graduates of the ”great” military schools or elite universities of the respective countries. They have (by and large) ”refined” tastes and cultivate the ”finer” thing of life (at least for pubic consumption). In spite of this, they have given us the most brutal epoch in history and, currently, a collection of military dictatorships, totalitarian societies, racist-exploitative ”representative” republics and resource-gobbling states of such nature as to lead one to predict that there may soon be very few places in the world where a nonaggressive person can survive except as a lackey or slave.

excerpt from the introduction to the book Colombus and Other Cannibals, written by Jack D. Forbes originally released in -79. Reprinted in 2008.



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The Resistance of Tomatoes

There Are So Many Things Wrong With This

There are a lot of different tomatoes
In the grocery store these days
There are loose ones
There are greenhouse ones in plastic boxes
Tiny ones and big ones
With stems or without
Even heirlooms, all black and green and pink.

Probably still those square ones somewhere
That packed so well

But now what we want is the real thing.
We want a tomato that is
Actually ripe.

Tomatoes are from Mexico
They like it hot
But not too hot
They will not get sweet if it’s too cold
And they will not set fruit if it’s too hot.

I have grown heirloom tomatoes here for months on end
Who do not set fruit
Until just soon enough to die of frost
Vines resplendent
Full of green fruit
Though I am not far from Mexico.

A tomato must ripen on the vine
Drawing in sugars
With the right heat

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Material Reality is a thing and it’s under attack

In the waters of transgender theology and it’s political movement there is a lot of memes going around how for example ”trans women are women” or that we can ”move beyond sexual orientation” and so on. I even seen it is apparently transphobic to understand how the egg and dairy industry works because how can you possibly know these creatures self identify as females? This is if you ask me dangerous territory because what this effectively does, if it takes a more deep and sinister root in western society is to make it utterly impossible to talk about the material conditions that most oppression works with in the real world.

Violence against women does not happen but because women self ID as women but because they are human female, that is the underlying reason to much of the violence in the first place. Girls and women are not conditioned to a life under a veil in nations where Islam is the law of the land because they self ID as girls and women but because they are females. At the same time I didn’t hear the sentences ”stop acting like a girl” or ”only girls cry” or ”toughen up” or ”man up” because I self ID as a boy when I was growing up but because I in fact was a boy, a male child. There is material conditions underlying these things that has nothing to do with inner feelings or identities.

The egg industry is not routinely exploiting hens because hens might or might not self ID as anything but because they are females, and, at the same time the chicken males are not routinely grind alive as they are singled out because they might or might not self id as anything but because they are males who are of no value to the egg industry. The dairy industry is not fording cows into pregnancy on a routine basis and after birth taking away their child to have them produce milk because they might or might not self id as females but because they are females.

There is no way we need to ”move beyond” anything that has to do with the real physical world as long as there is this culture in place that is routinely exploiting on the very basis of material reality and the usefulness it has for itself. Much of this cultures religions, economy and even epistemology is rooted on the routine exploitation of females, down to Earth itself of you, as I do, see her as a female. Mother Earth, Father Sky.

As stated before there is no ”moving beyond” any of this as long as it is happening and in fact I don’t see why we need to move away from it even without oppression. There is noting wrong with being female and there is nothing wrong with being male, these are physical states of being. What is wrong is the routine exploitation of females for being females, what is wrong is the routine violence against women in our society. What is wrong is that we have a movement that wants to render the physical world obsolete in favor of unverifiable inner identities.


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Infinite Growth…In The Reality Of The Already Dead

”when there is no more room in hell , the dead shall walk the earth” Dawn of The Dead movie.

I remember ”way back” in my days when I was a teen, I saw this curve on human population and it said to level out around 15-20 billion human beings. Back then I never fully reflected upon what all this mean in terms on how overpopulated we would be as a species on the planet but I remember thinking it was weird that it would just stop. How come it would level out? Why would it level out all of a sudden?

Today I think I understand what maybe even those who concluded this graph and study didn’t think about, if we even get so far as to 15-20 billion individuals human beings it will ”level out” because it’s all falling apart. Our habitat will be devastated most other species will be long gone on this planet and I’m sure the biosphere that makes it possible to have life as we know it on this planet will be broken beyond repair.

Think about it. Put it in the context of what is actually going on. We are living under the social influence, even if most of don’t even think about it, that we can have infinite growth on a finite planet. This graph I saw took it as a given, the politics of today from left to right take it as a given and nearly all ”climate change solutions” take it as a given. Wherever we look we can see that infinite growth is the standard to which everything else has to conform including the planet. This is not only backwards thinking it is absolutely insane.

I hardly think we can ever reach 15 billion even less likely to reach 20 billion, but, technological fixes to avoid the unavoidable reality has happened in the past to postpone the obvious crash of human population so maybe, just maybe, that can happen but personally I hope it won’t.

To be fair it is better we started reducing our numbers now when we are below 8 billion rather than that it starts happen in big numbers when we are 15 billion. Not that I want to be ”that guy” but there is one other thing we know that go by this philosophy, perhaps unknowingly, and that is cancer cells. We know what happens with the host if it’s not stopped and what then will be the ultimate outcome for these cells as well, their way of life will come to an abrupt end.

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