What is anti-civ?

Civilization originates in conquest abroad and repression at home – Stanley Diamond

What started as a bunch of messages on Twitter I decided to write up here in a blogpost instead. So over the months and last year or so I have gotten some actual serious questions in regards of the ”anti-civ movement”. First of I would like to say that it might not be so much of an actual movement as it is a set of ideals and concepts and understandings that civilizations–and this is especially true for industrial civilization–are fundamentally unsustainable and can never become sustainable. This understanding is taken up by a number of groups and organizations in an vast area of society from environmentalists to economists, scientists and even politicians and so on.

But to better try and explain it shortly and then for those who are interested in learning more I will end by adding a few book tips that I find to be extremely well written stuff for those who want to dig more into the whole idea of ”anti-civilization”.

One of the major understandings of this idea of thoughts is that civilizations are fundamentally unsustainable as civilizations are characterized by the growth of cities. Environmental Philosopher Derrick Jensen I find sums it up best when he argues that a city is humans living in numbers large enough that they routinely needs the importation of resources which then leads to the fact that trade can then never be sufficiently reliable because if you require the importation of resources and you one day find it that others will not trade with you, you will use force to take it (or try and take it) because your life depends on it. This is at the essence of civilizations in my opinion. This underlying violence will always be hoovering in the shadows.

I can go on and on about this but as I see it much of this is at the essence of understanding why civilization is problematic and why for a truly sustainable and healthy world and human society civilization needs to be dismantled. If this has caught your interest I will now list a few books I think are very good in better explaining a wide array of things that I would say fit under the ”anti-civ” idea.

First off is a really good book called My Name is Chellis and I am in recovery from Western Civilization. I would say this book is a really good introduction to a number of other books that might deal more heavy and in depth on certain things mentioned in this book. She is a fantastic writer.

Next up I would go to recommend one of my favorite writers of the modern era, Derrick Jensen, he has written a number of really interesting books but if I would pick one book that I find fits this blog entry I would say it is his book A Language Older Than Words This book takes a deep look on the violence that permeates so much of our lives and touches not only us but basically all life on this planet.

My third recommendation would be Columbus and Other Cannibals: The Wetiko Disease of Exploitation, Imperialism, and Terrorism which takes a deep and good look at the phenomena at the underlying psyche among so many of us humans that can give rise to social arrangements such as civilizations. A very interesting book indeed that gives you a lot of think about what it means to be human in the modern age for sure.

There I think I will leave it at that. There are of course much, much more to read out there but I can’t possibly list them all and these three I think will help give a good insight in what the entire idea of ”anti-civ” actually roots itself in. So hope this will answer all your wonders out there.




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What’s wrong with renewable energy?

Such a sad but true entry really. I wish this wasn’t the case but it is…

stories of creative ecology

burning wind turbine

Ten things environmentalists need to know about renewable energy:

1.    Solar panels and wind turbines aren’t made out of nothing. They are made out of metals, plastics, chemicals. These products have been mined out of the ground, transported, processed, manufactured. Each stage leaves behind a trail of devastation: habitat destruction, water contamination, colonization, toxic waste, slave labour, greenhouse gas emissions, wars, and corporate profits. Renewables can never replace fossil fuel infrastructure, as they are entirely dependent on it for their existence.

2.    The majority of electricity that is generated by renewables is used in manufacturing, mining, and other industries that are destroying the planet. Even if the generation of electricity were harmless, the consumption certainly isn’t. Every electrical device, in the process of production, leaves behind the same trail of devastation. Living communities—forests, rivers, oceans—become dead commodities.

3.    The aim of converting from conventional power generation to renewables is to…

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Domestication and Patriarchy

“There was no anger in her for Kino. He had said, ‘I am a man’, and that meant certain things to Juana. It meant that he was half insane and half god. It meant that Kino would drive his strength against a mountain and plunge his strength against the sea. Juana, in her woman’s soul, knew that the mountain would stand while the man broke himself; that the sea would surge while the man drowned in it.”
The Pearl, by John Steinbeck

This entry is a guest entry so the words below will not be written by me. I’ve been in contact with the writer and got the green light to post it, green light.. oh environmental friendly! Jokes aside I find it to be very thoughtful and takes on domestication and patriarchies connection to domestication in a much refreshing way. Enjoy the read.

Patriarchy as a power structure and institution of domination (we are not talking about random assholes throughout history, of which that has and will exist forever, even in egalitarian indigenous societies, but rather societal norms of male supremacy) arose because of domestication, meaning there’s something inherent in the domestication process that produces inequality based on sex, or it existed pre-domestication and thus exists independent of it and civ, and therefore it may be just human nature.

If it is the former, then our fight against patriarchy is part of the larger fight against civ, and its driving logic – domestication. By fighting the over-arching power structure from which all other power structures proliferate (civilization), and attacking the power structures within it, we have the opportunity to create a truly free society – including the absence of male dominance. If it is the latter though, then our fight against patriarchy is going to be even harder and require different tactics, because fighting civ and its power structures won’t be enough. It may yield less domination and greater equality, but it won’t end patriarchy as an institution. It will be a power structure that will have to be fought independently, and continuously fought, and with constant vigilance even if successful, even long after the fall, and would be required even of uncivilized indigenous people. This is because in this scenario, it would be human nature for men to dominate women and we’d be fighting biology and natural human tendencies.

I believe patriarchy is a power structure stemming from domestication, not human nature, and fortunately anthropological evidence seems to support that.

Patriarchy doesn’t stem from agriculture, or civilization, but rather from domestication; agriculture and civ merely enhance it. Domestication is a process of controlling life. It is also the process by which previously nomadic human populations shift towards a sedentary or settled existence. Domestication existed before civilization, but definitely gave rise to it. As nomadic foragers traded wildness for horticulture, even if only to augment foraging, they undertook a transition that took them from a way of life that existed in balance with land and life to one that embodied totalitarian relationship, control and manipulation of the land. Once you introduce gardens, you become dependent on their production for sustenance. You necessarily see the land as a producer, something to be owned and manipulated for the production of food. You also become sedentary, as you have to remain near the gardens at least for significant periods of time throughout the year, if not completely permanent, to sow, tend, and harvest, as well as defend. Healthy competition among nonhumans becomes warlike, and animals that you would see as competitive become enemy, even something to exterminate. And your gardens have to be defended against other humans as well. In addition, along with this comes the notion of property, the carving up of the land for ownership – saying this is mine. By claiming ownership of the land, not only do you deny its agency and inherent right to exist separate from your exploitation, but you deprive it from others’ use, both humans and non-humans. You hold something of value, and others are denied access to it. Therefore it is something you hold over them. Maybe you coerce services for its access, or use its products for trade. It is property, and thus wealth and power. And your relationship to the land and all human and non-human life outside your circle becomes hierarchical.

And with this constant need to defend your property from others, who may not respect your claim to ownership and exclusive use, horticulturists tend to develop a warrior culture, and valorize strength and courage and stoicism and masculinity. With warrior culture comes a preference for men, as on average men are biologically more muscular and often more aggressive. Men cults with men’s houses arise, as constant back and forth raiding and revenge raiding becomes routine. And with the acceptance of hierarchy and power already, over the land, over non-human life, over those outside one’s tribe, and with a preference for men and masculinity in general, there’s few obstacles to seeing women as not only inferior, but as yet another resource to own, as further property.

Agriculture takes all this to the extreme. Agriculture didn’t arise out of horticultural communities, but rather arose directly from foragers in areas dominated by specific wild grasses. Foragers grew sedentary as they fenced in these grains, creating permanent settlements (and vast fields with even less crop and food diversity than horticulturists) and learned how to domesticate them, thus creating the first true cities. This happened in the Middle East and the Indus Valley with wheat and wheat-like grains, Southeast Asia with rice, South America with quinoa, and corn in Central and Southwestern North America. Social stratification based on sex and class, the othering of outsiders, mass surpluses of food, ownership of land and resources and the products of laborers engaged in non-food producing endeavors thanks to the surplus – all both emerging from and leading to more wealth, property, inequality, war, empire, and so on.

This is backed up by what we know of ancient hunter-gatherers through first hand recorded accounts as well as those still living today. Hunter-gatherers today (heartbreakingly few) that are fully forager, and have abstained from the encroaching influence of the dominant culture (again, heartbreakingly few), remain egalitarian. If there is a division of labor based on sex, it is based on true physical differences, not notions of superiority, such as men hunting the large game, and women nursing children. But most tasks are held in common, like gathering firewood, making clothes and hunting tools, and gathering fruit and nuts. And what they make and own is few due to the natural limitations to surplus that a nomadic existence ensures.

But indigenous communities that have adopted some horticulture, or who have completely switched to subsistence farming, are less egalitarian, for all the reasons mentioned above. Many Polynesian island communities exemplified this, as do most of the remaining indigenous people of the interior of Papua New Guinea. And even indigenous people that aren’t horticulturalists fall victim to patriarchy if they become domesticated. Tribes of the Pacific Northwest were hunter-gatherers, but yet still sedentary because of the abundance of the salmon runs. And they had hierarchies with Chiefs and Big Men, ownership of surplus and wealth, power over others, a warrior culture. Many Inuit peoples fared the same despite their complete lack of either horticulture or agriculture, because as they domesticated dogs for transportation, it allowed those who did to store and transport more than they could carry, leading to wealth accumulation and property.

That’s not to criticize them in any way. Their way of life, though not completely without power relations and hierarchy, still involved a reverence for life and the land and can’t compare to the level of destruction caused by civilization and industry. But I think it’s important, and not just feel-good theorizing, to try to understand the real origins of coercive power and hierarchy, including patriarchy, because if we are ever to create autonomous communities in right relationship with the land and human and non-human life, and though we can stand in solidarity with all indigenous peoples regardless of food acquisition method, we should discard the characteristics of those societies that tended to inequality.

This really comes down to the return systems of indigenous people, as there’s a difference between immediate return hunter-gatherers and even non-trade oriented delayed return hunter-gathers, who are egalitarian, and the trade-oriented delayed return economies of non-egalitarian indigenous people.

– Ryan The Green

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Globalization is Americanization

Once upon a time I loved everything about USA. Hank Williams was my idol and I drank Coca Cola and wore my Levis jeans. That’s how it was back then but with time I started to notice that the love had some real major holes.

Then I learned about Nixon and his devilish ”watergate” and then that kennedy, who every seemed to have believed in, was having sex with Marilyn Monroe. And slowly but steadily everything got worse with this nation who once were everybody’s dream. What we believed was a band of love was only the capitals tighten knot because everything they did we was supposed to apply here of course, they on the other hand brought  nothing from us. So this deal gave us nothing but a grave totally full of shit.

America is soon controlling the entire world under military threat and behind the computer screens using internet they are turning the world around them into idiots. What they are doing is so stupid that it’s hard to believe and yet we all are supposed to do the same.

Globalization ie Americanization  makes us all sit in a bad position and we are being overrun by their crap. With their help we dug a huge hole and all of us is about to fall into it. McDonalds, McEvans and CGI infested movies and what else it can be, yes, all the trends are coming from USA. It seems that today we have no choice, we have been swallowed by an giant capital, an empire that never seems to get satisfied. The entire world is buying into a culture built on deceit and narcissism .

We are being tricked by Americans.

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WordPress dumps GenderTrender. Gallus Mag responds

via WordPress dumps GenderTrender. Gallus Mag responds

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Homo Colossus and the Mega Machine

While I probably scared away most of the few followers on this blog by my previous entry, today I’m going to write some thoughts on the entire mega machine and our function as human beings.

Homo sapiens got upgraded to homo sapiens sapiens (no not a typo) some years ago, not that it passed on to many in society as a whole. For most of us we are still homo sapiens, if even that. I, however, have started to question the entire understanding of us as homo sapiens. In many ways it is true, yes, we are homo sapiens in the sense we are mammals; part of the primate species group but in many others ways I think we have fully entered what I would label homo colossus, a term coined by a man called William Robert Catton Jr. who were an American sociologist. We are completely dependent on machines in order to have this way of life, and also to be able to be the population numbers we are, as a species. Our functionality has been completely reduced to being a tiny function, an easy replaceable cog, in the mega machine; Industrial Civilization itself.

It is irony of the highest order that as we have made us dependent on machines to survive we have become slaves to sustain the mega machine, who can’t function without us (yet at least) and at the same time is also what is actually killing us. In this sense I think homo colossus is a fitting phrase for us.

That so many of the so-called environmental movement don’t seem to grasp this is really worrying. Why? Because more often than not when I hear anyone from politicians to (many) climate scientists to greenpeace activists talking about the need to turn away from fossil fuels (which I agree that we have to do) to renewable energy, they all talk about sustaining the mega machine first and foremost and, oh, it would be nice if we also had a planet. We need to realize, collectively, that this way of life is not sustainable and never will be. There is nothing we can do to keep on going like this. Nothing. We need to heavily change course, change the way of understand not only ourselves but that we are a tiny part of a larger living community that exists independent of us, with lives as precious to them as life is precious to us. But we are wreaking havoc onto them by sending them into a living nightmare. The mega machine have to be dismantled. It was created at one time by us humans, it is sustained and kept alive by humans and we could dismantle it today if we collectively wanted too.


Picture Made by Mario Sánchez Nevado

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Passing gas and other animal behaviors

This is going to be a blogpost that makes people cringe out there. I am being serious though with it in the sense that I think you all know full well what I mean here and know exactly what I am talking about in the broader sense of society. What I mention here is animal behaviors that we all are taught to ignore, ridicule, make fun of and so on to not allow ourselves to remind us of what we are; Human Animals. There are other things in the world that can be brought in as well but today I am going to write only about some of our bodily functions and what we do with them, that we rarely talk about because it is taboo and ”icky” and ”childish” or whatever we want to call these things. Anyway, I don’t expect much discussion on this one but enjoy.

There are numerous things that is in place to make sure we don’t get reminded of the fact that we are animals, human animals, a category of great apes. We have more in common with animals than not, we also have behaviors that constantly tells us just how much of animals we are. These basic behaviors that we can’t really do anything about. We can love, feel fear, feel happy, sad and so on which all are basic signs of being alive, fully conscious animals not machines not robots but then there are things we do, that to this day is usually viewed as disgusting and should be ridiculed in order to be ignored, yet, most of us do this on and off.

First, farts, most likes their own farts and everybody farts, don’t let anyone tell you different. We like the smell of our own farts and dislike the farts of others, and sometime we don’t like the smell of our own farts either. The reason we like our own, ane should do to be fair, is simple. It tells us that everything is okey with us on the inside. If you start disliking your own smell then it tells you something is off within your bowel system, in a time before doctors and hospitals in a time where all you could rely on us your sense and understanding of yourself.. this could mean a lifesaver. Today we are being told that you don’t fart among people and if someone so happen to let one loose the group shall point fingers and laugh and make the person feel embarrassed. We need to constantly keep each other in check to not get reminded of what we really are. Oh btw, do you know when you do fart the most? When you are sleeping. Sorry to anyone out there who might read this and go ”well I don’t fart at least.”

Next up is the smelly finger test. Everybody has at times had to itch your asshole, I’m sure of it. Don’t lie to yourself. Yes you have done it too. Now, next up is something that plenty of people do, without even thinking, and there are a few who resist this as well but most of us still do it. After we scratched our asses to get rid of the itching we smell our finger we used to scratch. This falls in line with the previous segment, making sure everything is ok. If the smell on the finger is ok with you, that the smell is what you usually would smell, then it is a sign that the itching was not something bad. But what if you would think it smells weird, or off.. could be a sign that something is not good. Another behaviour, another thing that we do as apes, as being animals that we should not talk about. Keep the reality of our animal senses in check. Make sure to not talk about them or think about them.

Picking our noses is another fairly common thing, most of us refrain from it in public because, as you know, it is another one of those things where you should feel shamed by the group mentality if you happened too when someone saw you, but most of us do this. Things sometime get stuck in our noses and we need to get it out so get in there and dig it out dammit! It’s ok a good functioning ability to sense smells is important.

With these things said I want to point out that I am no advocating for walking around passing gas and picking your nose to flick at people or anything like that. I am merely saying that these are things that most of us do every now and then and it is clearly animal behaviors and in all cases we are not really supposed to talk about these things, they are taboo as we call it, we shall ignore that we do them and if someone do happen to pass some gas in public we shall be fast, in our hive mind mentality, to point fingers and make that person feel shamed. Everything we can do to make sure we ignore the fact that, yes, we are animals.. human animals and we should be proud of that.

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