Dominance is ‘natural’? Seems like a social condition

An edition of Andrea Dworkins brilliant book titled Intercourse that was re-released in 2007 (the book was first printed back in 1987) contains a preface written by Andrea herself in August 1995, Brooklyn, New York and I want to write this post with the start of a sentence that she has written in there. A question that I think a whole lot of us need to ask ourselves; ”…If one’s sexual experience has always and without exception been based on dominance –not only overt acts but also metaphysical and ontological assumptions–how can one read this book? The end of male dominance would mean–in the understanding of such a man–the end of sex.” I will just add a few things here to make it all clear where I want to go with this. If a persons (or the collective understanding for a group of people ie society as we know it for example) experience and perception is from the very start based on dominance in life in general not only sexual but also economic, religious, political, scientific, social and so on how can one explain to such a person (or group of people) that dominance is not ‘natural’? How does one explain there is meaning in the world that is not based on dominance, not based on exploitation, not based on the cultural notion that ”everything exists in so far I (we) can violate it”.

For so many generations now we civilised humans, born and raised and enslaved, in this culture has been subject to this understanding. This perception of life of who we are as a species has been around for thousands of years in various forms of civilised power. It is easy to see how people can write off us humans (and we males more so than females) as aggressive and warlike and dominant. The very ”pinnacle of human evolution” (no sign of narcissism here) industrial civilisation would collapse very quickly without it. It is based on this. It is a very central piece on how it came to be. With this much invested in our very (modern) industrial lifestyle–especially in the industrial ‘privileged’ part of the world–how can one explain this is not proof to say that this is how we evolved as a species to be? That there is very little proof in the actual real world (what we call nature) to back this up. That it more seems like creatures, including the human species, that has existed for a long time has done so through co-operation not dominance and exploitation. That it is pretty evident that for most of our human existence we too participated in this web of life. As a species we were loyal to the landbase not to abstract sky gods or abstract economic systems. We were not ‘civilised’. There has been thousands of human cultures across the planet that simply did not perceive the world as we are taught to do in this culture. And yes there has also been other warlike cultures as well. Not saying this has been the only one. But this one became the biggest because it could organise male violence more efficient than anybody else and in the process has eradicated so many vibrant nonwarrior like human cultures that simply were left with the options of 1) flee; in which the dominant culture expanded into, and occupied, the territory 2) succumb; in which the dominant culture expanded into, and occupied ,the territory or 3) defend themselves; In which the dominant culture expanded into, and occupied, the territory unless someone had a way to stop the dominant culture’s way of organising male violence. This is not an achievement to be proud of as a member of this culture. Its shameful and disgusting to say the least. We live by turning everyone and everything around us into dead commodities and resources.

We are born into a culture that has invested everything it is into making sure we perceive ourselves as being all this and especially us males. That we males are ‘naturally’ dominant and there is nothing we can do about that. That it goes as deep within us as our very sexual behaviours, as Andrea lays out in the wonderfully important book Intercourse. How convenient for abusers, exploiters, colonisers, fascists, capitalists, imperialists, empires,  Abrahemitic religions and everything in between huh? If this patriarchy, this male dominant society, with everything connected to it is something we evolved into (rather than being socially enforced and hence can be changed) then nothing can ever change does it? Free will is obsolete.  With such an understanding of the world even who we are becomes based on the notion there is always a ”fucker” and a ”fuckee” and it’s important to always strive to be the ”fucker” rather than be ”fucked”. As I type this I come to think of a piece of lyric from a finish traditional doom metal band called Reverend Bizarre that on their last album had an excellent song called Caesar forever. In one segment of the song they sing ”…Those who are about to die, make sure that you will learn. Trumpets sing and children cry when fires of Mars will burn. Christs may come and Christs may go but Caesar is forever. Come, my son, and you shall know: Tonight we hunt together”. They sum up the problem with this entire culture right there. I too disagree, of course, with this cultures understanding of the place we live in, reality if you will. It has gone on for generations sure, but still fabricated. Some (not all) humans came up with this insanity at one point. It was not handed to us by God/Allah or evolution even though a lot is invested to tell us that this is exactly what have happened. To me it is clearly cultural.

Cultures can be picked apart, cultures can (and has in the past) collapsed, changed and been re-written. Without a fight? Well this late in the stage as Civilisation is going through its trashing endgame I don’t think so. There won’t be any ”mass awakening” that a lot of new age people seem to hold close to their heart. To me that belief looks more like a reaction to an overwhelming problem and one wants to shelter oneself from the grim reality that we live in. We do live in insane times, in an insane culture with a lot of insane members. The ones who directly (even if in short term) benefits from having this lifestyle won’t just give this up. If they have a say, and right now they hold the economic, military and social power, they will not change course.

But Life wants to live

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Some thoughts in regards of ‘brexit’

There are things I am worried about in this whole ‘brexit’ thing but I need to state that I really don’t have a problem with the ‘populist movement’ (not sure what to call it) across Europe that is rejecting an entire political system, as seen with ‘brexit’ in England now.  While being a close deal, the biggest voting side has rejected a complete set of rulers namely Brussels itself. Clearly the reasons why this situation has even occurred is in the hands of those in power in Brussels. They created this mess. If you already think I am wrong here and should die in a fire, maybe there is no point reading further.

What I do see as a problem and what worries me is that there are a number of people (and groups) on the right winged side of things in political terms that want to capitalise and use this for their more nationstate based ‘police state dreams’. That is scary. What is also scary is that there are also a large group of people in society–I guess we can call them the status quo–that appeal to this top-down authoritarian structures such as the Brussels, EU and end up defending the cause of the situation.One side saw an opportunity to whip up racism and immigration hatred, while the other  ‘side’ was busy calling members of the populist movement stupid, uneducated, dumb, lazy, racist you name it. Is it really that hard to figure out that an annoyed part of the population that gets to constantly hear they are nothing but a worthless piece of  dog poo will eventually start leaning towards the right wingers who has more or less, in England at least, just co-opted the entire anti-establishment group to echo this groups statements for their own political gains?

It’s quite the situation we are in as a society again. There has been many messy things happening under the industrialist era of the human species. I am worried though. Both these groups are scary to me. They really hate each other. Like two groups fighting over which authoritarian/totalitarian structure to follow. Local Police State or Authoritarian structures such as Brussels, EU. thanks but no thanks. If those are the only two options we have to choose between,  I honestly think we are effed.

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A longing…

IMG_0394Here we are now–as a species–by the ledge looking out over clear cuts,
acidified lakes and oceans, depleted soil and polluted air.
160-200 species went extinct today, 160-200 species went extinct yesterday & 160-200 species will go extinct tomorrow. As more and more data suggests we, the industrial civilised humans, have caused the start of the sixth great mass extinction on Earth not individually but as a collective. Civilisation is killing the planet. Civilisation is killing our home.
Civilisation murders us.
We can have guessing games if it will take ten years, twenty years or a hundred years before civilisation will finish us off.
It does not really matter. As a species, it will be a tough future, we already have it tough and of course we can’t forget about other animals who suffer on a daily basis in factory farms, vivisection labs, or involuntary imprisoned at zoos being spectacles, or at circuses, or out in the last remains of the wild having their homes destroyed by yet another forest cut down, and so on and so forth. And not to forget plants and trees, they are of course not being looked upon with any more respect or humbleness. They are even not considered being fully living beings. They don’t remind us of us, as other animals do, so they must be so far from anything sentient and living. They are also just here for us to abuse as we see fit. Clear forests to grow, torture (use of pesticides), rip up, collect, pack in plastics and ship across the world for our industrial use. No regards of ever giving back. No thoughts of being kind. Everything living exists in so far it can be violated.

Mental illness (depression, anxiety, panic attacks and so on) rates are going through the roof amongst us civilised humans. That should say something about the situation. Yet of course we are told that it’s just about fixing up the growth economy and everything will be swell.

Gaze over industrial civilisation and all the individuals that are tied to it and you find the same dissatisfaction all over the planet: sadness, hatred, helplessness, regret, bitterness and, what seems to be the most common, hopelessness. The produced material reality can no longer satisfy our deepest needs, a desire to belong to something. That something is our vocation. For me that means to be a participant of life on the planet in the way that we as a species once did.
In a phrase of philosophy: “There is a whole world waiting for us, ready to welcome us home.”
This longing, I believe, is something that is very prevalent amongst us. We may have all sorts of explanations for why we feel what we are feeling but when we listen to one another, talk to one another, it so often seems to translate into ‘a need’ to belong to something that is more than just us and our production based material society.

The desire to belong to something more, something that is a physical part of us–call it a biological part of us if you will– I think will keep on getting stronger and it will turn into more and more weird social solutions in attempts to make us happy while coping with the problem itself: civilisation, that we in no way can raise concerns about or question. Civilisation is just something one has to take for granted. It’s meant to be, if we look at what is being told by the dominant culture. All of evolution happened so that we, today, can have this way of life, apparently. That’s what we are being told over and over again. The narcissism knows no bounds.

Industrial society is not worthwhile, it just takes. It does not give anything back. It is based on not giving anything back. Civilisation, to use a phrase from Stanley Diamond, “originates in conquest abroad and repression at home”. That sums it up right there. That is not us. This is not what we are meant to be. We have been fooled, been tricked, been cheated. We somehow need to at least try and take back our lives from those who have it in their best interest to not allow us to participate fully in the web of life.



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Female Erasure : What You Need To Know About Gender Politics’ War on Women, the Female Sex and Human Rights

Anybody who believes in equality, and I mean real equality should support this book project.


Cover Art by Claudia Kunin Cover Art by Claudia Kunin

Less than 48 hours since the announcement of the upcoming Female Erasure anthology and the anti-women, anti-lesbian, anti-speech activists are already swarming with efforts to stop its publication. 

The book, to be published by Tidal Time Publishing under editor Ruth Barrett, features a forward by Germaine Greer and the writings of fifty women from various perspectives and backgrounds. The volume should serve as a wonderful primer for anyone interested in the conflict between women and ”gender”. 

Needless to say, the individuals who are invested in forcibly imposing ”gender” on women and girls -wish to censor female speech about the worldwide, violent, reproductive sex-based oppression of women and girls which transcends all cultures and eras.  

Female Erasure Activists discuss how sexuality absent a penis (Lesbianism!) strips it of "anything recognizably human", and book burning feminist texts. Female Erasure Activists discuss how sexuality absent a penis (Lesbianism!) ”strips it of anything recognizably human”. Oh, and book burning feminist texts.


Anti-feminist and anti-gay activists -mainly of the…

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The cult of social construction

So a few days ago I was browsing around the web. Seems like I do that most days nowadays, my spirit of hanging out in Nature has taken a beating this past year with dropping mood of the psyche and so on. Anyway, this is not to be a post about my mental state, but rather a hot topic of the Internet these days: Transgender ideology/politics. So I saw this person argue that a man can become a woman because ‘woman’ is a social construct. What does this mean? I gave it some thought and, well, the word itself is a social construct, I give the person that. It’s a human made vocal construct among those raised to speak the human language of English. In Swedish it’s Kvinna, in Norwegian it’s Dam, in French it’s Femme, in German it’s Frau, in Korean it’s 여자 and so on. All of these are vocal (and written) social constructs that refer to the exact same thing: the material reality — biology — that is adult human female, which of course is not a human made construction but something created by far greater power than any humans possess, namely life itself.

The same can be said for man. What is man really? Again transgender ideology seems to argue — even though it rarely happens since it’s yet another male dominated ideology and since we males, under transgender ideology, label ourselves transwomen, the word man is barely on the table — its just a social construct. Again, the word man is a construct, I agree, but the material status it points towards: adult human male, is not. Again there are many different lingual constructs across the planet on how to refer to adult human males but it’s still very much a real thing that is not simply a social construct. We do the same to other species as well. Bull and Cow are two easy examples and, even in this case, you would find many different words for them, depending on the human language you speak, but they all refer to the same exact biological reality. It’s not just ”anyone who identifies as a bull/cow” that’s not how languages works, that’s not how communication works between us humans either. We use words to describe material realities so we can all understand what the person is referring to. On the internet that is all we have. If there is no consensus what we mean with certain words there is no way to communicate with one another online. If words such as ice-cream, polar bears, moose, cow, bull, cannabis, movies, music, clothing, lipstick, mean whatever value I place upon them, all of you reading this would have no idea what the heck I’m trying to say. These words are not there to place any social expectations on anything, but just words to make it understandable that, no matter who reads this, as long as you read and understand English, you will most likely know what I’m referring to. Does that mean polar bears identify as polar bears? Not very likely. They are not humans nor do they speak the human language of English. I don’t think they care either. With or without us on this planet, they exist. With or without us, there are male and female polar bears. With or without us, they have social communities and lives as important to them as yours is to you and mine is to me. They are biologically real, not just a social construct.

Somewhere along the way of modern society, what feminists refer to as gender (I think the previous term in broader society was sex roles) has been associated with these words and, I guess it then can be argued it’s a mere social construction. But this is not really an honest view to hold. The states of our bodily selves are neutral. The word woman and man don’t hold any social values at all, but gender has been placed on top of that, on our bodies. It’s not something you are born with. No one is born a social construct, but born a body of flesh and blood. A material reality that just is. Nothing is said on how one must dress, look, behave, or how to talk and walk. The real physical world doesn’t centre itself around us humans and our cultural expectations.


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Some thoughts on poverty

So a while ago I came across this line while browsing the web without any real goals or plans, just cruising around the one dimensional sphere we call Internet. ”It was once the case that every human on earth lived in poverty–were they all therefore victims of force?” and I just want to give my ten cents on what I find problematic with this kind of statement.

Poverty is a term that has no real meaning outside the growth economy. I would argue there was a time when no human being ever lived in poverty. A time when housing
had no economic cost. Water had no economic cost. Food had no economic cost. These are things that are essential for the very foundation of human life.
This is not to say that living could never be hard. But poverty is systematically placed onto human beings by human created economic systems. Not a force of natural
Poverty is deeply tied to economic exploitation. Another thing I find problematic with this way of looking at poverty is that poverty becomes a measurement that stems from the view of the wealthy material assimilated person living within the boundaries of the white cultural centric industrial lifestyle. That richness is embodied as to how much ‘stuff’ you have accumulated and hence any other way of living is ‘bad’.

On another note we are even seeing now under the current stages of capitalism that we are moving away more and more from a class system to a caste system by which it means
that people born in poverty more likely will live and die in poverty than ever before, that we are becoming severely economically locked into these castes of the capitalist
To say that every human being once lived in poverty, before capitalism was introduced and/or any other stage of an infinite growth economy, is a false statement.

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Anti-Capitalism for me means less economic exploitation. Not more brothels.

Anti-Capitalism for me means less workers at McDonalds and Less McDonalds.

Anti-Capitalism for me means less consumerism and more time spent with friends and family really hanging out.

Anti-Capitalism for me means people understanding themselves as one of many and not only this ”me, me, me” concept.

Anti-Capitalism for me means to free the human being from economic exploitation. That the basic rights of water, food and shelter is not a question about paying money but a human right free of charge.

Anti-Capitalism for me means a world in which there are more trees on the planet each year, not less. Where there are more forests each year, not less.

Anti-Capitalism for me means oceans not getting devoid of fish but regaining life. Anti Capitalism for me means to understand that the planet is primary and any economic system that does not benefit the landbase is immoral, unjust and insane. When the powerful speak on how to save the growth economy on a finite planet I think we are actually listening to insane people.

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