The Resistance of Tomatoes

There Are So Many Things Wrong With This

There are a lot of different tomatoes
In the grocery store these days
There are loose ones
There are greenhouse ones in plastic boxes
Tiny ones and big ones
With stems or without
Even heirlooms, all black and green and pink.

Probably still those square ones somewhere
That packed so well

But now what we want is the real thing.
We want a tomato that is
Actually ripe.

Tomatoes are from Mexico
They like it hot
But not too hot
They will not get sweet if it’s too cold
And they will not set fruit if it’s too hot.

I have grown heirloom tomatoes here for months on end
Who do not set fruit
Until just soon enough to die of frost
Vines resplendent
Full of green fruit
Though I am not far from Mexico.

A tomato must ripen on the vine
Drawing in sugars
With the right heat

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Material Reality is a thing and it’s under attack

In the waters of transgender theology and it’s political movement there is a lot of memes going around how for example ”trans women are women” or that we can ”move beyond sexual orientation” and so on. I even seen it is apparently transphobic to understand how the egg and dairy industry works because how can you possibly know these creatures self identify as females? This is if you ask me dangerous territory because what this effectively does, if it takes a more deep and sinister root in western society is to make it utterly impossible to talk about the material conditions that most oppression works with in the real world.

Violence against women does not happen but because women self ID as women but because they are human female, that is the underlying reason to much of the violence in the first place. Girls and women are not conditioned to a life under a veil in nations where Islam is the law of the land because they self ID as girls and women but because they are females. At the same time I didn’t hear the sentences ”stop acting like a girl” or ”only girls cry” or ”toughen up” or ”man up” because I self ID as a boy when I was growing up but because I in fact was a boy, a male child. There is material conditions underlying these things that has nothing to do with inner feelings or identities.

The egg industry is not routinely exploiting hens because hens might or might not self ID as anything but because they are females, and, at the same time the chicken males are not routinely grind alive as they are singled out because they might or might not self id as anything but because they are males who are of no value to the egg industry. The dairy industry is not fording cows into pregnancy on a routine basis and after birth taking away their child to have them produce milk because they might or might not self id as females but because they are females.

There is no way we need to ”move beyond” anything that has to do with the real physical world as long as there is this culture in place that is routinely exploiting on the very basis of material reality and the usefulness it has for itself. Much of this cultures religions, economy and even epistemology is rooted on the routine exploitation of females, down to Earth itself of you, as I do, see her as a female. Mother Earth, Father Sky.

As stated before there is no ”moving beyond” any of this as long as it is happening and in fact I don’t see why we need to move away from it even without oppression. There is noting wrong with being female and there is nothing wrong with being male, these are physical states of being. What is wrong is the routine exploitation of females for being females, what is wrong is the routine violence against women in our society. What is wrong is that we have a movement that wants to render the physical world obsolete in favor of unverifiable inner identities.


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Infinite Growth…In The Reality Of The Already Dead

”when there is no more room in hell , the dead shall walk the earth” Dawn of The Dead movie.

I remember ”way back” in my days when I was a teen, I saw this curve on human population and it said to level out around 15-20 billion human beings. Back then I never fully reflected upon what all this mean in terms on how overpopulated we would be as a species on the planet but I remember thinking it was weird that it would just stop. How come it would level out? Why would it level out all of a sudden?

Today I think I understand what maybe even those who concluded this graph and study didn’t think about, if we even get so far as to 15-20 billion individuals human beings it will ”level out” because it’s all falling apart. Our habitat will be devastated most other species will be long gone on this planet and I’m sure the biosphere that makes it possible to have life as we know it on this planet will be broken beyond repair.

Think about it. Put it in the context of what is actually going on. We are living under the social influence, even if most of don’t even think about it, that we can have infinite growth on a finite planet. This graph I saw took it as a given, the politics of today from left to right take it as a given and nearly all ”climate change solutions” take it as a given. Wherever we look we can see that infinite growth is the standard to which everything else has to conform including the planet. This is not only backwards thinking it is absolutely insane.

I hardly think we can ever reach 15 billion even less likely to reach 20 billion, but, technological fixes to avoid the unavoidable reality has happened in the past to postpone the obvious crash of human population so maybe, just maybe, that can happen but personally I hope it won’t.

To be fair it is better we started reducing our numbers now when we are below 8 billion rather than that it starts happen in big numbers when we are 15 billion. Not that I want to be ”that guy” but there is one other thing we know that go by this philosophy, perhaps unknowingly, and that is cancer cells. We know what happens with the host if it’s not stopped and what then will be the ultimate outcome for these cells as well, their way of life will come to an abrupt end.

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Porn Kills Love

Yes I have watched porn. I was, one could say, at one point an addict to it. I’ve been clean for a number of years now and was it yet another milestone for me in my own journey to decolonize myself. Anyway, I won’t waste time sitting here talking about that.

Many wants to claim that mainstream pornography is usually ”consensual and caring” but I beg to differ. Why? Well by a quick look at all the many, many ‘free’ porn sites one can clearly see that the most popular videos are some pretty hardcore stuff. Anyway, this entry is not about that either. It’s more what the core of porn is (or how I come to see it with the help of some radical feminist writing from some pretty awesome women. Kajsa Ekis Ekman, Andrea Dworkin, Sheila Jeffrey, Lierre Keith, Marilyn Frye among others and plenty of really great blogs ran by women online).

Porn is promoting the notion that when having sex there always has to be a ‘fucker’ and a ‘fuckee’ ie a dominant part and a receiving part of that domination a submissive if you will. Consensual or not–and on a side not consent is a bit of a weird word to me because it hints towards the fact that you agree to do something that you really don’t want to do–this is the imagery we are supposed to take to heart. To fantasize about. To masturbate too. To have our sexuality shaped around…
One quick look at so called gay porn one finds pretty much a mimic of the hetero normative porn. It follows the same guideline. There is more of often than not a ‘fucker’ and a ‘fuckee’ engaging in whatever they do in front of a camera.

At the core of the porn industry lays the fact to make sure that the female body is (sexually) exploited for profit and to be available 24/7 for the male dominating society we live in. And we men are supposed to take this to heart and reduce ourselves to nothing more than morons that has no other value added to us than to play (and think) with our penises. In fact I’m quite amazed that so many of the men out there in the big world are more often than not defending this industry. An industry that views them as nothing more but a bunch of wankers (literally). You are more than that fellas.

Porn kills love.

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Forget Shorter Showers (Or At Least Shower Until You Feel Clean)

So I came over this video that I think brings about a splendid point in regards of personal change and how, for some reason, it so often in the modern world equals social change but this has never been the case and never will.

Now personally I think it is important to try and live ”more simply” because the industrial lifestyle in itself is something that is not good for us for a number of reasons, but, I will never argue that living more simply changes much in terms of the ongoing slaughter this entire lifestyle made possible by industrialism changes anything because it don’t.

This video explains thing really well I think so hope you enjoy.


made by Jordan Brown who is an activist, artist, musician, and independent film-maker.

His website can be found here:



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The dominant culture is murdering the planet

Going to share a video clip with environmentalist Max Wilbert. A passionate voice and a tireless fighter to stop the destruction of our one and only home, Earth. Home not only to us but millions upon millions of other creatures whom we share home with.

Enough of my writing, here is Max.


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At the core of the machine there is insanity


I believe industrial civilization has to be dismantled. Not an easy thing to say to be honest. I think I have understood this for quite some time, heck, I have even written about it before on this blog. But it is not really easy to fully embrace and come to terms with this and I don’t think I in the past, even if I understood the issues of civilization, fully took to heart what it really means.

For me and most other human beings alive right now it means to cut off the very thing that keeps us alive. It’s just the way it is. It is a life made possible because communities–living breathing communities–outside of the industrial one we are born and raised in are turned from living into dead commodities. It is as simple and honestly as one can put it.

I simply don’t find that okey. I believe this way of life are founded on violence, vicious violence. Cold blooded violence. Most often male violence. Yes, I believe this is a very sex based issue but both sexes benefits in the short term gains of this violence if one embraces this way of life as the way of life we humans were always meant to have. All of evolution happened so we can have smartphones and Internet, evidently. That’s basically what we are told when we go to school and read on evolution. All the time it comes to the point sooner or later that all happened so we now exist and can have what we have.

And so it falls right back to this wondering. This question, that I have come too at least, what the hell are you supposed to do? Ignore it? Talk about it? Write about it? It is an extremely unpopular opinion to have I’ve noticed. Even among so called environmentalists it’s often looked down upon to be of the understanding that solar and wind energy won’t change much about the overall destruction. Living communities still needs to be shunted aside and ultimately killed to get the resources needed to get us our stuff. And as long as there is ”infinite growth” you will always have to build more of everything and you also need resources to maintain service of fixing stuff that breaks down. It just won’t stop as long as you dare not talk about this ”infinite growth” madness that nearly everyone seem to take for granted.

To move on in my own belief why civilization has to be dismantled. At the core of this beast you find ”nuclear energy” and with it the constant hunt to maintain the life style made possible by nuclear electricity. It plays out pretty similar to what we see as a drug addict hunting the next fix. It is producing a lifestyle of insanity because it is based on insanity.

I know I probably sound like a nut. But so far not one single person have ever rationally been able to defend nuclear energy and what it produces, which is electricity we take for granted to heat homes, heat food, heat water or refrigerated food and so on and so forth. Not one. I don’t believe it can be done. John Trudell an Native American author, poet, actor, musician and political activist in a speech he held on the American Columbus day back in what I believe is the year 83 or 84 said about nuclear energy ”…nuclear energy. It is the final assault. Nuclear energy should tell each and everyone of us that they have gone beyond the reasons of sanity, that they are no longer sane. That they no longer deal with the real natural world…” These lines has haunted me since I first heard them. First time I heard them it struck right through me. I could not explain it but what he said right there I could understand. I knew what he meant, yet, I was not ready to fully embrace it but I was part of they. Nuclear energy that produces electricity which is what we chase all the time to power up this machine world, is never going to be sustainable. Because it never was. It is built on a sick belief of what it means to be human (aggressive, dominating, egocentric and so on) and the following lifestyle that needs enormous violence to sustain itself. And as long it is going to be ”infinite growth” it will destroy everything in order to power up itself, at the expense of us all last (and probably the least in terms of numbers) being the ones who are the most dependent on this way of life to survive which usually are the top of the hierarchy. The ones with money. The powerful, the rich. They are the ones we all serve in the end. They set the rules. There is a clearly defined and widely accepted yet often unarticulated hierarchy within civilization and those at the top are the most dependent on this way of life but they also have the most money to buy themselves the most time as long as the economic system is in place and ‘resources’ (incl what they in modern times call human resources) can be bought and sold for money.

While writing these lines I come to think of something we often fear and really don’t want to catch, cancer. Our way of life looks very similar in collective behavior as cancer cells.

It is not easy to take this in. Not for me at least. I need and most people I know, heck, all people I know need civilization because we don’t know how to live without machines. Without electricity. We have some ideas, sure, and I bet many of us can talk about it but me and most others will most likely go under fast. It is reality.

Of course it is not fun to have that understanding but it is also not a fun understanding what is being done to all those ”others” who are forced to get out of the way as we industrial humans collectively of the industrial age destroys more and more of life on this planet.

It’s hard to deal with. But it also feels honest. I guess just add two and two together. Really. Look at the costs of this lifestyle. Look at all of them.

Machines rules the world already, sounds a bit nut right? Perhaps you start thinking of the movie Terminator now and it’s Skynet AI but if you don’t believe me; look at how many machines you have right next to you that you interact with on a daily basis. The one you are either staring at on the table or hold in your hands to read this lines right now for example. Machines rule the world, the human world I should say, and they have the power to destroy everything unless we do something about this beast.

I believe civilization needs to be dismantled and I have no idea how or what to do. But I believe it has to be. Not in order to save my life but to save whatever is going to be left of life on this planet and most likely for future generations of human beings.

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